Taobao geardrive ??

So I found this geardrive from Taobao I think y’all can check it out hahaha .



Interesting, looks like a copy of the bevel gear drive that we had on here

Shane there’s not more pics


For 800 sgd I mean someone should give it a shot :wink: I’m not very sure about the quality of the product and the gear ratio or what motors it could fit on but looks pretty dope for that price point .

Is sgd a currency?


Singapore dollars

Converted to US, that’s almost $600 before shipping, not very cheap if you ask me

It is cool though


It looks like a worm gear drive to me, but only the first image is loading

Scroll down all the way on the website you could have a clearer picture

Yeah it’s not that cheap and yes it looks dope . They have diff colours and I think those people that own a evolve with dkp trucks could use these drives for “ upgrade purposes”

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There’s a complete with them{"x_object_type"%3A"item"%2C"x_object_id"%3A612720478641}&scm=1007.20269.110938.1002003000000001

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Omg that looks so dope but it’s too expensive for my taste hahaha

Max speed 45km/hr with the drives
Max distance 50-80km :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

And there is suspension At the front I guess

There is an entire landyachtz Evo build available also{"x_object_type"%3A"item"%2C"x_object_id"%3A618042512573}&scm=1007.20269.110938.1002003000000001

It’s definitely a worm gear drive, it’s gonna have an extremely rough stop since there is no back driving the motor (if you let go of the throttle it will feel like 200a brake current or something on a classic gear drive)


bevel gears != worm gears


that’s exway x1 pro gut with “custom made” battery fitted in a 3d printed enclosure that mounted on an evo deck

for the record, i found that gear drive last year and was thinking of buying a set and try it, but damn thats expensive af


that complete they have. the deck looks a biiiiit familiar to me.

just a different pattern for the holes, innit?

That ~$600 price includes a lot of other stuff too tho, looks like lingyi everything + clouds but still

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That’s one way to get strong breaks lol