Suspension Riser

what is your general opinion on suspension, like avenue trucks have ?

if its worth i would like to try design a riser on the same principle, i found a basic representation in the old forum back from '17 that i would like to adapt

could add regular or flat springs between the plates or experiment with some materials for damping…

if a more flexy deck or pneumatic tires is no option, could this give a reasonably smoother ride on urethane wheels, given the construction is stiff enough for higher speeds ?


One way ticket to wobbletown.


wobbles. its almost inevitable. If you can manage to find the balance between the stiffness of the suspension to risk of wobbles at speed, i think this idea might be able to work if executed properly.

Have a look around for exway. They have the x1 with em and seem to ride well

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what about boards with angles / angled risers ?

i feel like my evo wouldnt even wobble if i leave the bushings out

I don’t know what leaving the bushings out means BUT angles definitely affect the stability and ride of the board. The Evo is a notorious example of this as it incorporates +15/-15 degrees on both front and rear to make it stable as fuck.


sorry this was probably worded poorly, i ment that even if i use the softest bushings and barely crank them down, my evo is really hard to get wobbles on (because of the angles as you stated)

so its hard for me to imagine with a suspension like this it would be prone to wobbling, thats why i was hoping for more feedback on the idea

edit: looks like i will get some of these done in a local metal-workshop, ill report back on the results


anyone got avenue rkp’s to measure the material thickness of the “spring” ?

edit: any engineer around who wants to drop his opinion on this ? material wise etc… ?

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hard to find a review about them that caters to higher speed riders, still searching

basicly i love the idea to try this together with those new boosted 105s to achieve a smooth ride on thane wheels…

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Suspension like this almost has to introduce an element of slop/wobble. Your angles are keeping you from experiencing it now, but I believe you’ll have some side-to-side caving to deal with.

However, I leave the house with my underwear on the outside frequently, so I could be wrong.

My experience with avenue trucks is they only make a slight difference. Never felt any wobbles with it either.


well this project is on hold for now, i got informed that in austria the manufacturers of steel springs only go to 2mm material strength…

this makes it more effort / time needed than i can spend at the moment :confused:

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With even softer TB 110s on the way, there’s another comfort solution.


yea, im pretty much settled on getting a set of these, thanks for putting them on my radar :slight_smile:


what about thick rubber risers?
like 1/4"+ thickness

I got a set with my dickyho single belt kit, and I’ve yet to try it out

Here’s video of my experience with the Avenue

And here’s a link to my Google album
Where I documented the making of my custom hanger in order to mount hub motors to avenue rkp suspension baseplates.

The complete setup in the video has now transformed to a much more compact Carver.

I love the way it rides! It is super nimble and the avenue suspension is STRONG. It does not exhibit any wobble. The proper bushing setup is necessary to achieve this control… I love this nimble carver with great asphalt vibration reduction.


so cute!


i have tried various soft risers… the problem is there is just like zero travel on impact, the rubber just doesnt allow enough compression to have an effect on bigger hits

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awesome, thanks for chiming in !

i will check it all out once im home from work

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