Sunkko 787A+ faulty

Hey everyone!

I recently bought a used spotwelder from a user on the other forum. However from the first time I used it, it has been faulty.

These are the faults:

  1. The spring loaded welding mechanism does not work at all. The lights does not even flash or anything. There is no click like it should be. Even though the welder is the only thing hooked up to the outlet and fuse. Nothing else.

  2. The welder burns my fuse 75% of the time when I am turning it on or off, or when attempting a weld.

The question is how I should solve this. I am pretty sure the seller sold it to me with these errors and therefore wanted to sell it in the first place, as he did not mention any of these things to me when selling it. I have sent a message to him explaining what is wrong with the welder and how we should solve the problem and will wait for his response.

So what to do next, I am not sure. I thought about repairing the welder myself, but I do not really know how to. I also thought about opening a paypal dispute, as I did send the money as goods and not as family and friends.

Worth noting is that we both are in the EU.

You need a 20A C fuse breaker in your house.

Is 16A not enough?

No, try the welder on a other 20A C fuse. It is very important that the cut out curve is β€œC”.

Due welding it is a sort off sort circuit for your home installation. If you have a β€œB” circuit breaker. It don’t gonna work

No, try the welder on a other 20A C fuse. It is very important that the cut out curve is β€œC”.

Weird, because it did work sometimes. I do not think I have a 20A fuse in my house. Might need to buy a lipo powered welder instead then.

An update for anyone interested. I bought a new welder from banggood, also from SUNKKO. It is now working well, I can pull 90A double pulse without my C 16A circuit breaker tripping. So I am assuming the old welder for some reason pulled way more amps than it needed.

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