Sudden brake possible solution

I had a surprise full brake a few days ago. I reviewed my setup and realized I had the remote setup to use integrated UART on 1rst gen ubox but had also plugged in the ppm module. So I think it was trying to use both. I think the ppm got overworked and eventually failed; which caused the sudden braking.
Also, do not bolt your motor mount on with the nuts towards the wheel pulley. With some hardware this creates an enclosed space which can cause a loose nut to jam the pulley if it comes completely off.
Be safe!

I’m not an expert by any means but I don’t think this is how this works. :smiley:


Hard to say with the gen 1 uBox, which is such an absolute wild card that I no longer use the one I own. Might burst into flames, might toss you without the custom firmware as it did me, might be fine.

I don’t like surprise esc parties.

My v2 Ubox is also a bit crazy to the point I dont want to use it anymore.


What’s crazy about the ybox. I’ve had mine for around 9 months and haven’t had issues. Other than two instances of surprise full braking. Other than the possibility of a rock getting jammed in the pulley the only other possible cause is an electrical issue. I’ve never seen a rock stuck in the pulley, though as others have mentioned. I’ll be on it this weekend with the ppm detached. There was also a guy who mention the dual remote signal issue on another forum several years back…

ABS Overcurrent fault threw me off pretty bad. I have the Uni1 V2 remote also using internal mode and it decided to go full power and threw me off again, only this time destroying the board bc it hit a parked cars wheel at full speed. I ride in nyc also, so the fact it didnt happen in full traffic is a miracle otherwise I’d be KIA

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So it threw you off by braking or sudden acceleration?