Stuff for sale or swap at the Paris event. Post your stuff

So I thought I’d start a thread for people going to the Paris event. I for one have stuff that I might never use, and could easily bring it to Paris. Add your stuff here and perhaps comment to secure something for people to bring with them?
I have a Raptor 1 to sell, new Taytos, a new 10S3P 30Q battery for a Tayto and could possibly rustle up an enclosure to two. Calibers and caliber mounts too.
What have you lot got??


Great initiative!

-Lazyrollers Glow Wheels 97mm 85A ABEC fitment (almost brand new)
-E-Toxx leiftech boro center wheels (brand new)
-Slick Revolution rough stuff 110mm 85A wheels in red
-Enertion Nano X

That’s all I can think of right now, will add to the list and some pictures


I have a bestech 12s 80A BMS which I’m open to offers on.

Also slightly off topic but I have space in my Airbnb for the event so if anyone’s still looking for accommodation then let me know.


I’m actually looking for a 12S BMS, are you interested in any of my stuff?

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I’m looking for about 1000€ so I can join the Paris event. If anyone could bring that that would be great!


Bring a tent and get on a plane. Dont worry about bringing a board, there will be plenty there!