Strage noise from motors on load and 5 second break delay

Hello everyone,
A few months ago I’ve build this eskate and really loved it. It used to be very powerful and never had any issues until recently.
when pushing it too hard it starts to make this loud noise from one of the motors and doesn’t have much torque.
Also, now my breaks come with a huge delay of a few seconds or don’t break anymore at all. The faster I am the more likely it is they don’t react at all.

Did I fry my unity?
Battery sag?

Without buying new parts I don’t even know how to troubleshoot this.
It’s all only a few Months old. The remote works fine. My best guess is it’s the Unity. The motors also seem to get hotter than they used to, but that might just be that I did not always realize.

Torqueboards Direct Drive
Focbox Unity
12s4p Samsung 30Q (thanks Tin! @tinp123 )

miss riding it already.
Any clues?


@torqueboards Seems to have been two separate issues. The noise is definitely the motor as it has now totally given up in smoke. The Breaking delay disappeared after a few times of reconfiguration.

Please send us an email.

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mail sent to dexter