Stormcore 60D Parts help needed

I have a stormcore 60D which had battery charge voltage short on the outer casing.
After inspecting it showed that i had a short from the 5v and 3.3v rails to ground. The chip right near the USB C was the culprit and upon removing it, the short is no longer there.

The part numbers i received from Lacroix was 708 330 CAMB. And nothing shows in google when searching this. I have a suspicion that it’s a buck regulator 5v-3.3v. Its connected directly to the USB C input through a capacitor and resistor.

Right now. when applying battery voltage, and pressing the integrated anti spark switch. The switch lights up blue while pressed, and then turns off when letting go.

Any ideas?

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The small black chip directly to the left of the USB C input, beside the large coil

Your suspicion is correct and it would need to be replaced.


I couldn’t find a suitable alternative in stock at either mouser or digikey, but they are available on Aliexpress.

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Thank you so much. I could not get any information searching for 708330camb online.
Amazing. Now to find a chip

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Thank you. I also couldn’t find anything local. so ive ordered the Ali express one. Now to wait and see

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just curious how does something like this happen

My positive charge terminal from the charge port inside the enclosure rubbed against the stormcore and i didn’t realise, It rubbed through the heat shrink and shorted on the stormcore aluminium casing when i was refitting the enclosure. This shorted battery volts to ground of the storm core. So far that seems to be the only component that broke. Removed that and there are no more shorts on the PCB, waiting on a new component and going to see if it is salvagable after replacing it. Otherwise ill keep it for spares.

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