Stormcore 100d & Tronic 250 FS (Michigan)

Stormcore 100d with SKP heatsink
Works great never had an issue. I brought it used and I would estimate it has like 300 miles. Has 6mm bullet connectors, and I extended the power switch.
I want 400 shipped or best offer.

Brand new Tronic 250 v1 with tronic heatsink.
Didn’t come with the power switch, but I can have a SKP power switch included.
200 shipped




Had the 100d on my Fiido q1 build.

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Stormcore 100d sold !

That’s not surprising :laughing:

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I need to see a grown man riding one of those. Was close to buying a frame as a cool project, then I realised I’m 190cm and I will probably look even more like an overgrown manchild then I currently do.


Don’t let your dreams be dreams!

‘Bear on a Unicycle’ has comedic potential, speaking from experience.

what was selling price?

Hahaha yeah this bike looks small on me. I’m going to put higher handle bars on it eventually.


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