Step down voltage regulator help!

I have a 20s setup that i need to step down to 5v for accessories. The vesc can’t supply the amps i need.
The smaller the better. My buddy and i both ordered this style dc/dc stepdown and neither one of them actually work. Any help or ideas are greatly appreciated.


Weaker accessories… :person_shrugging:

What kind of amps do you need to be able to pull?

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Just looking to run an esp32, and a mpu6050, and (2) ws2812 led strips.
I’ve heard the littlefocer 3.1 can’t handle much draw on the 5v rail.
Looking for any suggestions.
I was going to run the rESCue but it’s out of stock.

Might I suggest 12V LED WS2815 strips instead of 5V ones

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im using like 5+ of (i guess) the same dcdc converter on multiple of my vehicles and they work perfectly fine for me. Are you sure you wired everything correctly?
For 20s im using the 120V input version

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0RQB-30Y05LG is twenty times as expensive as that one

I mean theres really only +/- in and +/- out on the converter, or am i maybe missing something?
Kinda weird that both my buddy and i got bad ones.

Running arduino esp32, and mpu6050 at 5v also.

@b264 i just found that same stepdown for less than half the price of digikey. I ordered one, hopefully it’s quality!

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