Standing mats for sore ankles?

So I’m chilling in the shop when I realize I’m standing on those mats that keep your feet from hurting if you stand for a long time…and that after a while on the board my feet hurt

What are your thoughts on putting those floor mats under the griptape to take the edge of long commutes?

I know this isn’t for all people since any board meant for speed or handling will suffer from the dampening effect, but it might be for people who go miles on sidewalks (hella bumps and low speeds)

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One word:


Trampa used to do it, flat ribbed rubber not sure if it was just for kiteboarding

They reduce fatigue as you say, machine shops and industrial spaces are awash with them, you could cut some or buy a piece on eBay for sure

I got a piece of this very similar in texture and weight to Trampa


What about this loaded pushin cushion? That would accomplish what you’re looking for I think.

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Just wear sanuks. They make the soles out of yoga mats and beer cozies and are best shoe period.


Loaded pushin cushion is what you want, if you can find it


Somewhere i have actual photos but for now the instagram video will have to do… back in 2016 i did a foam topper for a customer on a witchblade with MBS wheels.

The customer sent me the foam, it was adhesive backed and pretty easy to trim with a razor. It was super cushy and actually eliminated a lot of the road noise as well as making the feet feel nice.


I just ordered this stuff… should be in tomorrow. Not excited about the design but I’m hoping it’ll help with the vibration at the least.


ribbed for your pleasure


Does it affect the road feedback or handling?

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I owned a chain of retail stores for about 8 years and we had slate floors down around the tills.

Every new starter who’d not stood all day before used to struggle so hard with sore feet and other concerns like that (even me). After about 3 weeks of just powering through it they would all be conditioned and fine from then on.

You might just need something short term until your feet get conditioned. Get some really plush insoles for your shoes and power through!


That was really helpful so I’m not going to suggest it was a multiple ann summers franchise, besides you’d still be in there now


didn’t seem to affect handling at all, or the good feedback that you want, but it did eliminate a lot of noise. Both audible and vibrational.


This is so true. Your working out muscles in your feet constantly balancing and gripping on the board. Try doing some strength building exercises for your feet. Also the right shoes definitely help. Im sure the mat would help but my feet have gained a lot of strength and endurance by powering through and stretching


Just ride more!

And get out on your board when you can too #sexjokes


“Everything is a race, who finishes first, wins.”

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My feet hurt on pneumatics much faster compared to my hub board.

what pneumatics are you using?

Works for me

8" from MBS.
mbs hubs
mbs matrix 2
mbs wheels