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Spintend 75V/200A Ubox (Based on 75V/300A VESC)and Uni1 Introduction !

Maybe the eRPM differential is set too high? Mine’s at the default of IIRC 3000eRPM, and that allows a difference of about 400 actual RPM before limiting, which still means wheelspin, just not as much as no TC.

have email conversation them i was asking for the voltage to the mcu Single Ubox íf it was 3.3v like Ubox duel or 3.33 like orginal vesc. To know wich firmware it ran and the answar was
( our single ubox switch back to 3.44v with 1linear LDOs, it integrated BMI160, so if you don’t use this function, you can use official firmware, if you use it, then use our customed firmware.)


do the reciver flipsky make work with the wand then there said on the website its based on trampa nrf 51

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Hallo Have Read the Full Tread about the ubox Duel Becouse i was in the marked for a new vesc for my esk8 projekt and stumped over this beauty in the start i was thinking it was to good to be true a asweome looking vesc Based esc. With the spec to good to be true! and we know the esc vesc jungle can be wild so i found this tread and set my mind to read the full tread and it was amazing (hallo everybody) i found out the seller is the best one of a kind in the esk8 business the lvl of support. communication. updates and upgrades on the product has definitely not been standing still. While the rest of the World have.been in this corona times. the only 2 even not a problem. problems people have had with with the Ubox duel is the user often miss that it need to run the coustom firmware and the remote bluetooth uart build in reciver needs to have the right settings to esc a / esc b usually its only a problem again for the new user who dont read the manuael so not really a problem Some peeps make a mistake and need help to upload new firmware trugh swd port to say about this is read the instrucktions on the web site plls but. The seller have in any cases being full on helping and provading all information and updating the instrucktions to help everbody best service. Rma cases what i know there have been 2 on this thread. i think both was swapped to new ones by the seller (even it was looking like a user mistake) due to overheating becouse no air venting and running to hard was the problem).my opinion) anywas both got new ones by the seller i say 10/10 on this seller go for the duel Ubox it will be a total win win for the price to end this post i want to say i have ordered 2 pcs of the new single ubox wich is in beta right now so im wating right now glad i pulled the trigger on the splintend ty everbody on the tread for been aswome dedicatet and knowleged people last

                  do we keep the discussion  on the Single Ubox going on in here 
                                           sorry for my bad english

That was a little hard to read but I think I got your point

Good to hear more positive feedback on it. I think it would be a good idea to split off the single into a new thread


There’s technically one already


The more you know lol

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it should if its nrf based but idk for sure never had their receiver to test.

and how would this work as braking light?

Also UBOX doesn’t have numbers on there ports - but pin3 would be 12v as it is middle one from any of 5 pins…

as for pin 4 it is either HORN or Light… but why would I plug those… that will simply give me relay 1 or 2 that we can turn on from remote controller. it won’t light up if I press my brake on ADC2.

or am I missing something?


@Yoodog I don’t know how it works. I didn’t even know before they mentioned it that the ubox even had a brake light function. If you have questions it’s best to message them maybe on Facebook like I did. This diagram should clear up the numbering for you. I was just trying to share the information they shared with me hoping it would be helpful to others.

I read those diagrams before and that info before as well and it make no sense to me. At all. And that guidelines in red, make absolutely no sense at all.

@AmySpintend could you guys make a video because who ever made that explanation did not express him/her self correctly - not a single person that I asked knows what it supposed to mean.


I am designing an ESC enclosure and I would like it to fit into my enclosure also Spintend 75V/200A Ubox

Could someone please confirm if the dimensions on my drawing are correct.

On the website there is wrong information about the dimensions. Also there is no information about spacing of mounting holes

I drew a sketch based on photos posted by @Andy87, but I’m not sure if they’re correct

The most important information is the dimension of the mounting holes


Hole dimensions seem right.

I’m getting 129mm x 83mm on the footprint



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Brand new 15s build

So my Ubox will not detect sensors. It did it fine last night. Today I try to run the board and one side won’t spin. When I try detection ubox says each side is not on the same firmware. I Forced each side on the same firmware, and now both sides sensors will not detect. Tried on Android and PC version of vesc tool. Always using the firmware from the spintend site @hardunclejohn

All my connections are solid, this build was finished last night

May not using these for client builds anymore. Too bad I bought 3 of them


I had the same issue of it losing a side after accessing it from the mobile app after originally programming it in the PC app. Took a couple of reflashes on the PC app before everything worked properly again. Don’t really trust the mobile app for anything other than profiles, which aren’t available on the PC version (nor would it be particularly useful).

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Keep flashing the firmware?

Yeah I couldn’t remember which one solved it, it was either flashing each side separately via USB cable or using the CAN BUS to flash, but eventually one of them worked.

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How many times did you have to flash before you got sensors to work? I’m doing my 7th flash now

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Very flashy :open_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth::gem::sparkles:

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