Some noob questions

In the VESC tool where it says motor amps is that per motor or total for both of my motors? Why is batter amps topped at 120? Can I connect the Vesc mobile tool to my VESCs via the nrf module from my flipsky vx1 remote? I have molicel p42 cells, what amperage can I push back with Regen braking? That doesn’t go through my bms does it? That only handles 10a (it’s setup in bypass). I ordered a metr mini w/ gps that connects via canbus dongle. Am I going to need a Bluetooth module too? Any answers are greatly appreciated!

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All of these questions can be answered with some searching. Also there is a noob question thread exactly for this type of thing.

True. I was trying to save time. My bad.

Vesc tool settings are per motor/ESC… Hit the can button to make changes to the second motor and ESC. Nevet tried to program more than 75a battery per side and I rarely hit more than 50a when riding and I’m over 250 pounds with a 16s7p p42a pack… Brake settings depends on the size of the pack and the braking strength you want… You can’t program vesc through your remote receiver. At least not the one you mentioned and I’m not aware of any that can, but that would be cool. I don’t use a metr, so can’t help you there…

Per side.

No. That’s what your Minnie is for

Charge goes through the bms, regen does not.

No. Minnie uses Bluetooth. That’s also what you can you use to program your vesc. See second quote.