Some Hoyt Modding

Not a full DIY build, but I haven’t seen a lot of Hoyt modding going on, so I’ll start.

I’ve been working with Hoyt to test here in San Francisco, and I’ve pretty much ridden the shit outta the stock setup and gone as far as I can go. So the next logical step now is to start modding it right?

Huge thanks to @JJHoyt for letting me do this btw :yum:

My one major gripe about the stock Hoyt is that it runs bldc on reference 4.12 design. Super inconvenient on the hills and traffic of SF, mostly cause of rollback behavior and power output.

This means it’s time to chuck a unity in there.

We first disconnect and desolder everything

Take out the dual 4.12

Prep the Unity

Connect things

Dremel out a hole in the printed cover cause I was uncomfortable about how squished things were in there

Stick the batteries back in

Something to note about this esc swap process is that in order to retain the original power button and battery meter, I needed to bridge the Unity to bypass antispark mode. Worked perfectly.

More mods coming probably but for now some vids

leftover guts


why can’t the 4.XX Vescs hande FOC?

Commercial boards just need to operate well within the comfort zone or risk constant repairs.

I’m sure they could handle it fine but in the interests of building boards and not spending all week repairing them I’m sure this was logical as a choice.


In my experience with 4.12 HW (Maytech, C18 Modded like BV suggested) either FOC works (rock solid for me) or it straight up does not work at all (DRV error braking etc).


Yeah it’s a toss up on whether you will die or not running foc on 4.12 :upside_down_face: I’d rather not die

I have been using TB4.12 with elofty direct drive for over a month(and 200km) with FOC now and haven’t had any issues. Maybe it helps that I am using my free maytech rbrake with it.

Well I lied about no issue, my VESCs heatup at the end of my 3.2km up hill ride to work and start throttling current, but that’s expected given what I am asking it to do.

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Well heating up is not exactly an issue, my DIY heatsink made out of a cheap alluminium extruded profile cools my vescs more than enough.

All vescs need cooling


I’ll give it a shot.

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