SOLVED: Unity problem; doesn't like 12S anymore

Has anyone come across an issue where when you plug in a 12S battery it reads the voltage as a 4S (16.6v it was reading :frowning: ) battery? 10S seems read fine and the ESC works fine. This is only just happened after 1 to 2 years of running a Unity on 12S with 130kv motors.

I still need to pull it all apart and see if theres anything obviously blown on the Unity.

Any help or ideas would be welcome!

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Check if the battery is fine, if the BMS is fine, then pull the Unity apart and check for blown parts.

If the unity read the 10s fine, then it’s most likely the battery / BMS

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Where are you measuring the voltage on the unity?

Just through the app, via a meter, etc

Well this is embarrassing…

I have an adapter that allows me to run either 2 or 3 LiPos (1x 6S LiPo & 1x 4S LiPo or 3x 4S LiPo usually) and I had plugged it in wrong; giving me some weird 4S voltage output. As I was out in the field and the time I didn’t have my multimeter so hadn’t checked the final voltage output and I was just using the FOCBOX UI app.

Lesson learnt; label the plugs better and don’t be a numpty!


I applaud your honesty sir


its alright mate, learn from this and u can also help others when the time comes :crazy_face:


For anyone else stumbling on this thread in the future, I have noticed more than once that if a previously working ESC suddenly starts reading a few volts too low on the battery voltage, it could be just about to blow a DRV. Don’t go too far from home.


If only you could tell the past this.