[Solved] Motors cogging at startup on VESC fw but not unity fw

I’m using a Xenith V2 at 12s with two sensorsed motors. When I was running the unity firmware there was no cogging at startup but now that I flashed VESC firmware there is cogging when I start from a standstill.

Here are the settings I’m using that I think are relevant
Motor current: 60a
Battery current: 50a/side
FOC Sensorsed mode
Traction control on

Does anyone know what other settings I should look at?

Can you share a screenshot of the motor detection results so we can see if the sensors were picked up properly?

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When I ran the VESC set-up again, this time one of the motors was “sensorless”. I opened the enclosure and found that I had damaged one of my sensor wire extenders. I’m going to fix that now.

Thanks for the help!


No problem! Hope it is a quick fix so you can get your skate on :call_me_hand:

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