**SOLD** (WTS SG) IdeaTB 7.2 Trampa Infinity/Vertigo Idler belt drive system

I got a set of IdeaTB 7.2 idler belt drive train. Was used in a build in late 2018 and am parting with it due to swapping it out to another drive train.

Condition is 8/10, and was previously painted black but has been stripped and buffed with a scotch brite pad for a matte finish.

Whats included : Left and right mount
Idlers 2x
60T pulleys for Trampa Superstars
New 15T aluminum motor pulleys
Screws and standoffs for the mounts and pulleys
2x printed bashguards
2x 390mm 15mm belts

Original price : about 400 USD
Asking price : 200 USD or best offer + shipping. Shipping should be around $20, if its more I’ll cover it. Ships from Singapore

Why? One set screw was stripped and I got lazy trying to remove it, so if you are able to get it out, great! If not, you can still use the mount as per normal, just tap the mount further in with a mallet, and the crossbar will hold both mounts in place. Low strength threadlocker was used for the set screw, nothing too crazy.

Here’s some pics of the parts and some visible scuffs I should point out

Heres the mount hooked up to a pair of Trampa Infinity trucks on my build
The pics here are from 2018, and is for an example only


I’ll throw in two used belts that fit this drive system as well, 390mm 15mm wide belts.
And two printed bashguards that fit into the U shaped slot.

is that fijle available? I have the same v7 mounts.

Yep, this was modelled by Jeff @avX


160 shipped?