SOLD: Used Meepo NLS motor, trucks, ESC, and remotes

Hey selling my Meepo items off the NLS that I am not using anymore since I went to Direct drives. Price: $old

Comes with Meepo NLS motors + truck w/ 100mm PU sleeves Meepo 90mm PU sleeves Meepo front truck with 100mm wheels NLS ESC + enclosure with 2 remotes (the NR remote has a flash light built in)

You will need to re-solder on the connectors to use with the Meepo esc since I cut it off for use with Unity.


How much for Just the hubs and front trucks?

Would like to sell everything together for now.

Price updated tho!
$230 for everything


$160 shipped for everything

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Wow 160 is a steal. Sadly iā€™m in the EU.

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