[SOLD] (USA) Lacroix DSS60 and some accessories

Cross posting from esk8.builders: https://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/wts-usa-lacroix-dss60-and-some-accessories-price-dropped/92125

Location: NYC

I bought it in December to commute to work on, but apparently my building has a “no skateboards in the elevators” policy. I bought the Trampa bag to carry it through the turnstiles which worked a few times before they wised up. If I can’t commute on it I won’t use it enough to keep it around, unfortunately (stupidly fun board otherwise).

For all items I’d prefer local pickup, but I will consider posting if necessary (buyer pays). I have the original boxes for most stuff.

Lacroix DSS60: $1900 firm.
Ridden about 100-150 miles, about 10 half-charge cycles. Minor cosmetic scratches on the back of the motor mounts from standing the board up occasionally.

Ruroc RG1-DX Machine (Limited) Size M/L incl Lens Pack: $320
No scratches. Worn for two days snowboarding and about 10 rides. No scratches, no head impact on my one crash. Includes Ruroc crash replacement protection.

Let me know if you have any questions.


Some advice if you want attention for the sale here you might want to try copy pasting the details and uploading the pix also add a price amd location so your in compliance woth the commmunity guidelines.

Best of luck with the sale .


$50 shipped on the bag? What’s PayPal if so, I’ll cover fees :grin: that’s one nice ass helmet!

Updated the post with copy/pasted content from esk8.builders, thanks for the tip.


Prices are excluding shipping. Last quote I got to ship the bag domestically was ~$25. It was about $140 USD delivered new.


Bag is sold pending payment.

Bag is gone.

Knee pads are gone

Appreciated. I matched your builder’s trust level so you’re not post limited.

Board sold yesterday, changed the title to SOLD.

Thanks all.

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