[SOLD] [US - VA] MasterCHO GT2B trigger style remote mods

Hello everyone. I hope most have heard of this remote… may not Be the most popular, but it certainly is one of the most reliable. I’ve use these on all of my bills and now I have two puck puck Bruce’s and still use one of these in my street build.

They’re trigger style, come with receiver, and are super comfy in the hand - can be slightly annoying in a pants pocket but totally doable. I’ve also modded them with 1s lipo battery led indicators showing the remotes charge remaining.

Never ever had any issues with these and occasionally ride with dcesk8 in the city.have nothing but good experiences with them, just no need for them anymore. Asking $35 total including shipping and PayPal fees. DM me and let me know if interested. Shipping is from northern va 22124.


What is the name of the remote?

$35 is a deal for this reliable remote!..lol that’s my picture of the LED

@TannerK This is a GT2B R/C car remote that has been modded, the original remote is $35-$40, then you need a 3D printed housing (sold for $30ish) and about an hours of labor.


Yeah, that’s the guy I tried to reply to. I must be doing something wrong

@Longboardshort Looks like you got a buyer if it hasn’t been sold

Waiting on a reply also lol


I sent two PMs about the remote yesterday. I hope @Longboardshort is alright.


I’m good, just busy. Had two remotes and sounds like they’re spoken for now. Thanks for the interest!

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