SOLD! US sale enertion raptor 2 part out

Purchased from a fellow esk8news forum member
I’ve been holding on to it for a couple of months now. Just don’t ride it.
Right around 100 miles on it

Everything must go

-Focboxes $$OLD
-Deck and enclosure “battery tray and bolts” $100
-10s4p battery pack with bms and all internals”on/off switch and battery meter” includes 4a Charger $250
-Hub motors complete drivetrain with front truck and 90mm wheels $225
-Nano x with receiver $40

Everything available for pick up in San Jose ca
Shipping within the US at buyers expense

Pls don’t hate :v:t3:


Bump. Everything as listed is still available. Someone pls buy this junk


Interested in deck w enclosure, remote and hubs.

Well, usually you throw junk into the Garbage. Luckily i’m willing to take your junk and recycle it for you. Free of course :stuck_out_tongue:

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That’s so lovely of you
Thank you :heart_eyes:

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Is that charger available separately?

Bump. Will sell for cheap. Need money to pay what I owe to @Tello1969 and to buy @Kellag hoyt puke $750 will take the complete board. Focboxes included . :metal:t3::metal:t3:

Hub motors $OLD each
Rear truck $OLD
Front truck $50
Deck $50
Battery enclosure/case $50
Lcd screen/bms assy $OLD
Nano x $45
10s4p space cell a few cycles old $200
4a Charger $50

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Good ass deal


Thank you good sr. You’re a saint and a highly liked member of this community :wink:


@BillGordon new title plz

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Yours Dm me for payment n shipping

got picture of just this? Is this that double or triple PCB stacked up with the charge port and LCD? If so I’ll take it…the silicone cover included right?

It’s hard to see it from this pic but I hope that helps
Unfortunately Silicon cover stays with the battery box/enclosure

I’ll take it without the cover then. Shipping to 92612 please PM me paypal and total


Hubs back up for sale!

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could i take the bms with the lcd display?

Long gone brother. I’m sorry :pensive:

Darn it… Really gone?? I was interested in the deck and battery

@mmaner would you pls close Thanks again brother

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