[SOLD] Rain rubber wheels and ESC

I am clearing out some parts and components that I don’t need specifically, I have a set of kegel rubber rain wheels. 165mm X 66mm 60 A duro.

I think ownboard used to sell them for a while. They’re pretty solid. I bought them for $100 asking $50 OBO.

Second, I have an ESC that I bought a year ago from http://www.diyeboard.com/v11-dual-hub-motors-sine-wave-foc-esc-speed-controller-p-608.html.
I bought this to replace the ESC in my ownboard but did not see any significant difference in power. It’s rated for 50A continuous and 120A burst at 10S and was originally designed for hub motors but it can push belts as well.

Asking $30 OBO

The wheels are brand new. Just tested them on my carpet and found clearance was too low with my carveon motors. The ESC has also been used only once.

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I’m interested of those fit Kegel adapters?

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What the wheels’ diameter?

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105mmX66mm 60A duro

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I’ll take them wheels if the Doctor doesn’t want 'em.

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Any idea on shipping to Buffalo, NY for the ESC? Would be cool to have laying around in case I fry something lol

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In 3rd on the wheels can PayPal asap.

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Standard Usps shipping. I think it’s $7.50

Waiting on doctor, will reach out if he doesn’t get back by tomorrow.


@Chupacabra let me know. Thanks!

@Fosterqc you were 5h to late compared to builders :sob:

Gosh dignity dang dang it

I was going to use those wheels to pay back my friend who got me a used 6374 for $50 that I have not paid him back for yet.


Did these wheels be a sell?

Yep, I’m taking the wheels and ESC.