-SOLD - For sale (WW): spot in the kickstarter queue for hummie hubs

For sale is my hummie hub spot.
I pledged the 698dollar version, including international shipping.
Checked upfront with john (@hummieee) and got his ok to sell my spot.

Selling upfront as if i need to sell them when they are in my country, price is higher due to huge import costs.

625 EURO (690 dollar) ONO. So i give up my 78 or so dollars of shipping and a few bucks. (sorry US guys, international indeed get a bigger discount i guess) And you dont have to wait another half year for the next batch.
Contact details are transferred after i see it on my bank account.

2wd Hub Motor Kit
70kv with a top speed of 30mph using 12s battery
4 Hummie Motors tires for the motors
4 Abec11 Centrax tires 83mm
Paris 195mm v2 trucks *custom 12mm axle hanger for the motors (complete set of trucks)


As these are still to be built by John, the below is a picture found on his kickstarter page. Actual product can still vary.
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@Gerrycorrado please include images of the item, not links to images. ping a mod when updated and we’ll unlock

Price drop to 600 dollar (about 540 euro)


Interested. Please pm me details, such as when the hubs are expected, your slot number, how long ago you ordered, etc.

Not sure how to answer, there is no slot number, i cannot say when john has them ready and you can see when the kickstarter started?
Ah sorry, i see you are new. Hummie his hubs have an excellent reputation (you can search his prev versions on both forums). Just takes some time to build these. Now he is in the final stage and would it not have been for covid, i think.they would have been ready already. Should not be too long anymore.

@hummieee any ETA?


On the case. I can’t say. I can ramble forever about waiting for the tires and wheels to be done and the hubs to come back from broaching and the hangers cast when the guys Kid’s daycare opens and he can work again and the New magnet glue shows in like 3 days. and making tube plugs to hold these smaller magnets in hallbach.


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New to this forum, but been on the Enertion one for years, got faith in @hummieee (building one of his decks now), just hoping you had an estimate. So how does this work?

@mmaner you can close. Thx