[SOLD] [EU] WTS DavegaX

Hi, after some trouble with my vesc for powered my davegaX, only 20km on it, emtb use so some dust and stripes on the screen (picture) i buy it 110euros with shipping and vat so i think 80euros shipping included in EU is fair.

DavegaX work well but not on my vesc, i have a lot o fsign out during hard Acceleration, after a long talk with Jan and many test, i prefer sell the davega than my vesc6.


It’s prefered if the pictures are visible at a glance in the post


Does the vesc6 not work will with the davega?

MY vesc6 don’t work with, but Jan is sure (and i trust him) it’s only my vesc who’s in trouble.

This worries me a bit I’m about to build a 4wd mountain board with vesc 6 and davega


Don’t, for now i’m the only one, so no worries

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That’s not entirely true. A few people reported problems with intermittent restarts and/or white screen. I have even experienced it myself. It’s been discussed in DAVEGA X: Restarting, freezing, white screen. It’s still a bit of a mystery but it seems to have to do with the 5V input. I tested the same piece of DAVEGA on two different VESCs and it worked flawlessly with one (@shaman’s Cheap FOCer) but it restarted intermittently with another (Unity). When I powered it from another 5V source, there were no more restarts.

At the same time I know of people who use DAVEGA with Unity and have no issues at all. Apparently there are also ones who experience the issue with another type of VESC. Some folks (@ThomasL, @pookybear) were troubled by the issue and then it mysteriously disappeared.

One other hypothesis is the problem is not 5V but rather a loose cable and/or a bad connector. I have replaced my cable several times though and I still get occasional restarts on my Unity board.

At any rate, I haven’t yet seen a faulty DAVEGA. To those who reported issues, I sent a replacement unit and they still had the same issues. So I’m fairly confident what @Phil is getting is not because of a faulty DAVEGA hardware. That said, don’t be afraid to purchase from @Phil. Should it turn out it’s really a bad unit, I’ll replace it for you.

BTW, the scratched screen protector can be easily replaced. @Phil, do you have the spare?


Don’t worry guys. I’ve been using the DAVega-X with vesc 6’s since it came out.


The spare is sold, the price i buy to you.

It’s not scratch, it’s aesthetic only visble when it’s off on the sun.

I meant the spare screen protector, not the replacement electronics.

Just to explain the situation to the public. I sent a replacement electronics to @Phil so that he could check whether the problem is at DAVEGA end or VESC end. It turned out to be the latter. We then agreed @Phil would keep the replacement and cover the cost of it rather than ship it back.

FWIW. I’d buy a unit again from @janpom Ina heartbeat. Well, in fact, I did just that for my next build.

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