[SOLD] [EU] Abec11 107mm, Two Focbox 1.6, Nano-X Remote

Hey, I’m planning my new build (evo, pneumatics, 15S) so I have some used parts that I don’t need.


Two Focbox 1.6
Description: Used on 10S build. Y cable included.
Price (EUR): 90 for one or 170 for booth + shipping

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Evolve Abec11 F1 107mm wheels
Description: Used, there is some chunking, but I guess that’s unavoidable with these wheels. I’m selling these with 3D printed 40t pulleys included.
Price (EUR): 90 + shipping



Enertion Nano-x remote
Description: There are some scratches, but it’s fully working.
Price (EUR): 20 + shipping

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I’m looking to sell these withing EU.


I wil take the nano X !

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