[SOLD] Bergmeister wheels + pulleys (€250)

Due a change off my build I am going to sell my never used BergMeister wheels.

I have paid incl customs 225 euro for the wheels.
The pulleys incl bearings (from @moon) where 75euro.

I am thinking about 250 euro for the whole lot and splitted shipping costs.



Hi Pjotr,

If pulleys are 60T, I take the deal ! You can PM me if it’s ok (you also can if it’s not)
I’m France, so not really far and can pay you by SEPA bank transfer or Paypal if you prefer.

Let me know ! :wink:

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Yeps 60T

I am going to send you a pm. I am going today to a gls point so payment today is also shipping today :stuck_out_tongue:

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My things are getting resold :rofl:


I’m a work now, so won’t do the payment until tonight when back home (but I’m not hurry, those Berg will serve as spare).

I’ll answer your PM

@mmaner can you close the topic?