[SOLD] 2 x BRAND NEW 190kv 6374 Super Durable Motors

Bought two of these from the group buy here: https://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/6374-sk3-sensored-motors-for-group-buy-150-170-and-190-kv-sold-out/89393/226

They didn’t arrive fast enough for me and in the mean time I bought some from Torqueboards, so now I have to sell these. I paid $110 each but I’ll sell for $100 each + shipping just so I can sell em.

Yo I am interested! I have one of these on a single drive board and it performs awesome. Want me to PM you ?

Edit: For anyone wondering I have dibs on these :smile: I have been waiting a long time to upgrade to these motors lol

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You were the 1st to respond. You want both of em? The other person that messaged me wants both…

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I do want both of them, what is shipping gonna run me?

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$13 unless you live in Hawaii or Alaska

Damn 8 hours and 59mins too late to see this.

Doesn’t mean to hijack this.

But Bara is making another round for this motors on the old forum if there are more people into these motors.


Still got these motors? 7147267611 hmu

Lol I snagged them as fast as I could :joy:

Good shout. :call_me_hand:

Sold both!