SOLD - 2- 150kv Evolve 5065 motors W/pulleys for one 60xx motor(USA)

I’m mainly looking to trade trade these.

Really good shape.
One looks like it has zero miles the other has slight fading paint on pulley and the phase/sensor connectors cut off.
But i can provide new ones.

I’m looking for a single 60xx motor.
Preferably 6064 or bigger
And 200kv or less

Not that interested in selling for $$ but feel free to make an offer. I’d much prefer a single 60xx motor.

Shipping depends on the trade.

Im open to offers so dont hesitate to ask.


I don’t want to ruin your chance out selling these but racestar motors sell for a lot less then $75 also do you know what kv evolve motors are?

Was told they were 150kv
Im really not looking to sell. More interested in a trade.
I was lead to believe that yes the rockstars are cheaper but not same quality.

I think 2 newer motors are a fair trade for 1 possibly used motor.

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There pretty much the same from my experience.

K. guess ill edit my post.

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id take em if shipping wasn’t $577646 to Australia and the usd to aud conversion didn’t always bend me over


Yeah that’s lame. Sorry dude

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k, im at my house and i have no clue what these motors are worth, (raptor hubs). They’re new and have been take out of the box a couple times, but never used. The thing is i have no clue on what they’re worth. might just sell them so i have the money and then can decide what to buy with the money

All good dude.
The hubs are worth more.
I mean if you buy these from Evolve you’ll spend a good $300+ but i don’t think they are worth that. Im not trying to get that out of them and would never expect too. (And don’t think thet are worth it)

You can probably post the hubs for $300 and sell easily.

Motors still available.
I have an offer i haven’t decided on yet. Ill probably take it if i don’t get any others im crazy about by next week.

lol, I have everything

Do you know what size are the hangars 10mm?

You want to maybe not do this on my for sale thread.
Pms are thing. Thanks


I’ll take $50 for the pair + shipping

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Send me your PayPal, I’ll use them on a small commuter.


lol sry, why i stopped responding + don’t wanna sell them rn.

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Sold is this