Soft thermal cutout help

I’m new to the forum and trying to learn how to navigate it and get help with some issues. Is this the right place ask this first question? Hello, My names Brendon and I completed my first E-skate build at the end of of last summer. I bought most of the parts from TB. The motors are Maytech and the Esc’s are Flipsky. The battery from TB is their 12s4p. It’s a beautiful setup but I’m having some trouble I need help with. It goes great at first but after a few miles I’m getting “soft thermal cutout” I guess would be the correct term. I weigh 205 pounds. I’d really like to get past this problem by whatever means necessary. I’ve searched around a bit on the E-skate forum but i haven’t found the info I need. I’m wondering if it’s the Esc’s or the battery. Or if I’m just reaching the limits of the equipment I have (which would be sad). I don’t think it’s the motors getting too hot. My biggest suspicion is that the bms is shutting things down. My next suspicion is that the flipsky esc’s are getting hot and I need to cut the enclosure and install a heatsink. I have two more builds that I’m slowly working on Over the next couple months. One of those is a “buddy board” that will have slightly less power and smaller motors so the 12s4p that I have now could work better on that setup and I would need a more powerful battery for the super power board I have now. What do you think? Where do I get a way better battery? Should I invest in better speed controllers like the stormcore or something? As you can tell I’m kind of a beginner at this stuff but I am committed to learn.

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What Flipsky speed controller is it?

I could easily see overheating happening especially if it doesn’t have a heatsink. Can you send pics of your setup?

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image image image image image image

It’s the VX2 image

Those are 6.6 right? Esc settings?

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Working on it. Thanks!

image image image image image

Is that too blurry? I can zoom in and try again

Why don’t you just take screenshots on the computer lol

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I feel a little silly for not knowing how to do that .

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image image

Do I have too much current? Too much amps? What can the TB 12s4p handle?

What makes you think it’s thermal cut out? Do you have bluetooth and phone app?

I was overheating a Flipsky dual 6.6 and when it would cut out I could see in app it was at like 180-190f if I had more air on it it would run cooler and not cut out

I don’t have the app. How is yours running now? Did you vent or add a heatsink to solve the problem? I was just guessing what my issue was.

It’s in a box, I tried a heatsink but still ran hot, running a stormcore now

A stormcore is mounted on top of your deck or something? Or it lives inside the enclosure and it can just handle more?

The stormcore ran cooler without thermal cutout in a sealed pelican 1040 case. I have a heatsink now and it runs even cooler

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spintend ubox is actually in that board now, no venting 100% sealed, no issues

How much power are you putting into that uBox? I’ve got one in a sealed box as well, and I’m a little concerned about heat buildup, especially in the summer. I don’t have a direct way of monitoring the ESC temperature, so I’m guessing based on felt motor temps which isn’t exactly a good analogue.

Not a lot honestly, it’s running 6354 190kv Flipsky motors, it’s an evolve GTR. I kept burning up evolve motors, hate the remote, and it’s out of warranty decided to convert it. Still needs a battery mod to finish. Think the motors are around 40amps per, 10s4p battery.