And therefore, you get the smallest one possible. Along with thaT size of discharge allowed, is a commensurate smallness of its ability to passively turn excess charge into heat. Can anyone tell me how much charge will not overun the bms’ ability to sluff off charge faster than the final stage of lion charging? My fear is that a certain butchness of charger will continue to add more charge than the bms can sluff. I have heard that a passive bms will continue to sluff off charge after the charger is detached.

IS IT SAFE, to continue to charge for a day or more, to top off and balance a pack, when you have a wimpy puny bypassed bms in your ride?

You’re gonna need to specify exactly which bms you are talking about and check it’s spec sheet.

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OK, I am using a DALY 30 amp bms. I charge with a 3 amp luna charger. Any risk? Thought about using a 15 amp one.

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Daly are pretty good with their ratings and if you have eyes, you could look at your bms right under where it says discharge 30a it says charge 15a.

Running any electronic component at or close to its rating is gonna be putting a lot of stress on it, so while it may run at 15a charge, it may not do it for long.

You would need to ensure that your charge wiring/fusing/actual battery can handle your desired charge current too.

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So, what it SOUNDS like you are saying is that a 30 amp rated DALY bms is well capable of handling a three amp charger?

3a is fiiiiiine.


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What does it mean to ‘sluff off charge’?

I’m unclear on what’s being asked.

Passive balancing BMS reject anything over 4.2 volt per. Till balanced. By turning it to heat. The ability to do this is increased, as the BMS discharge rating is higher. I have a DALY 15 a bms, and was interested in if it is capable of dealing with a three amp charger, or more. When I built my board, I opted for the 30 amp DALY, for this fear.

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If the BMS has a rating of15A for charge & you are using a 3A charger then it’s safe to say the 500% headroom more than compensates.