So my stormcore blew up

So it’s riding the class in the morning and during the middle of my exam My storm core started blowing up I’m pretty sure it was because I was riding and it was really cold out so condensation got inside the pelican box causing the storm core too short and capacitors blow-up. Luckily though I was able to finish my exam this is completely my fault not the fault of the storm core at all I just thought it was a funny story to bring up.

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Ive had some, i mean some moisture exposed to my sotrmcore, and i also ride in the cold, was the board on?

Yeah I’m pretty sure I left it on I usually let it auto shut of. Again that’s my bad my fault

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Is this a 60d or 60d+ ?


How old out of curiosity? There were a few posts of 60d+ in the owners group on facebook a while ago that had solder all over the inside. On fairly new units

I got it around August 2021

Food for thought maybe reach out to Lacroix. They seemed to have had some QC issues on their escs recently. Yours doesnt seem to fall into the boat of recent reports but who knows

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@ANTDALE , I vote not your fault, but probably out of warranty period. Glad it wasn’t worse.

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In the photo it shows the ESC is not mounted. Was it like that when the issue happened? I can’t remember if those mounting holes go all the way through but if so and if those holes were just completely exposed, I can guess that’s where moisture got in, especially if they were just facing up like that.

I had it stuck on with double side tape.

This guy looking like he’s held together with prayers :eyes: