Snapmaker 2.0 Kickstarter

Looks promising, any backers in this forum?

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I get constant bombardment of adds in social media about that thing. Not a fan tho.
Millrights kickstarter in a month looks neat tho. (only cnc not 3d printing)


exactly because of it I didn´t really took it serious.
didn´t had good luck with magnetic print beds so far as well, but that´s only my experience.


I backed the obsidian printer…2 years ago :joy: It’s not finnished yet… pretty obsolete by now. would be nice to have tho


I backed the peachy printer years ago. Dude took all the money and bought a house and Canadian authorities won’t do anything about it because it’s Kickstarter.


Printer kickstarter sucessrates seem super slim when looking over the vast number of them not finnished yet…

That cnc looks promising. Very very tempting price point.

I always have some concern about too many features in one pack. But still tempting.

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Terrible idea – the mechanical needs of additive vs subtraction machining are fundamentally opposed, even if the concepts and motion are the same, not even considering how wildly stupid it is for an un-enclosed laser…
3d printer needs speed but not much rigidity or power. Milling needs all the rigidity and power but speed isn’t the highest priority.
Laser needs an enclosure for the remaining eye…