SKP Solo ESC compact HV controller [SERIOUS] SALE! 4/24-5/1 2023 code “AMPS”

Bruh this big daddy thicccc case paired with urethane wheels?!?!?!

You’re going to get like 100 miles of range :rofl:


What connector is needed for swd port not familiar with this kind.

Only an 18S4P, the case is quite a bit bulkier than it needs to be lol.



i’m fitting 2 esc + all the wiring + a 21s3p all in an 1170 case!

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yeaaah it’s a bit far from optimal. If someone knows of a case that’d be a bit narrower and less tall while still fitting my 18S4P, i’m open to suggestions :rofl:

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1200 or iM2050


Does anyone know what connector is used to access swd port?

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Like @poastoast said, the 1200 is your best bet for small case with 18s4p. Buuuuut it also fits 20s4p like a glove

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Well, it looks like i just joined the skp solo gang!!! Super excited about the build I’m about to start!!!


I was able to adapt the skp top box mount heat sink to the stock Flux heat sink!
And it actually fits in the enclosure


Yes! We done this a few timea, just a matter of securing it to the flat heatsink, a few ways a doing it. For @SquishyCat i think i drilled and tapped his stock heatsink in 2 places


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Rui we are still waiting on a fix for our CNC @surfnacho is working hard on this and we expect to be able to ship you your part this week…right @surfnacho :eyes::eyes: