SKP Solo ESC compact HV controller [SERIOUS] SALE! 4/24-5/1 2023 code “AMPS”

Hello Fellow Esk8ters

I would like to introduce something very special from SKP

Meet Solo

Solo is a compact High voltage Vesc based ESC

There is SOOO MUCH work that went into this and will continue to go into it to refine and make this ESC the best it can be.

It all started when I decided I wanted a little bit more out of my already incredibly powerful esk8s.

Solo achieves this by allowing motor current setting of up to 140amps. In combination with a well designed 638x or 631xx size motor or larger…solo has an incredible way of satisfying that want for torque that we are all have.

Below are some specs and information that is also available on the website

Based on the VESC project, SKP brings you a compact, powerful, robust motor controller. The SKP Solo is a DRVless design.

Power Specs:

4-18s li-ion safe operating voltage (16-75.6v)

80 AMP Battery current

140 AMP Motor current

6kw peak operating wattage

For best results controller needs to be mounted to a heat sink exposed to airflow



Built in Bluetooth

On/off feature with any latching switch.

10AWG supply cable and xt90 male connector

12awg phase cable and 4mm female bullet connectors

What you get:


1 - SKP solo

1 - SKP solo single heatsink and housing

1 - SKP latching switch


2 - SKP solo

1 - SKP dual mount heatsink and housing

1 - canbus cable

1 - SKP switch wired to turn on/off both Solo controllers

-For Top mount box dual

2 - SKP solo

1 - SKP dual mount heatsink for top mount box and housing

1 - canbus cable

1 - SKP switch wired to turn on/off both Solo controllers

In this configuration the heatsink does not have airflow cooling ribs…it will bolt directly into a 3Dservisas top mount box, we suggest the taller box for beat fitment

Design Considerations:

Going into this project in the middle of a silicon shortage was pretty ambitious, one of our design considerations was to make this Motor controller manufacturable under current and possibly worsening silicon conditions. We firmly believe the SKP Solo ESC has achieved that. We sourced components that are well stocked and are likely to remain well stocked, the controller is also designed in a way that allows for easy modification should any of the current components go out of stock and others need to be used instead.

A huge consideration was power. After spending thousands of hours and thousands of miles riding a variety of motor controllers that are available to the market it became very evident that there was a need for a motor controller that can offer a bit more power to push our already incredibly powerful PEVs to the next level.

Size and cost are a major consideration as well. Although you will find that the heat sink for the SKP solo makes the controller a bit taller than some of the controllers out there right now, it is still very compact and will fit most existing electric skateboards and PEVs and will reliably push your motors and your PEV to the next level.

Shipping starts 1/16/23

This controller was designed by @shaman and alpha units tested by respectable forum members who might chime into the discussion.

Feel free to ask any questions and discuss below!




Second. Sweet control man.


Side not

Just cause it will let you run 140amps doesn’t mean it’s easy to do :rofl:

It’s so much torque! Even with 165mm tires and 1:3 gearing I was only ever able to pull around 130amps max. Testing is still ongoing, this is a Beta preorder. Lots of development still in the works for this so I hope you guys are along for the ride :fire::fire:



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140mm x 85mm x 28mm

The 28mm height is if you cut through the heatsink portion that is meant to be exposed to airflow

If you do not height is 33mm


Working on it

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Is this for a single or the dual?


This is for the dual. Single heatsinks will be a bit larger than half the size of the dual length, but those units are still in transport let me see if I can get dims for it tho

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Congrats on the release. Looking forward to seeing this in builds!

Any word on if the price will stay the same for the full release?

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Price will go up slightly for the single, but I am hoping to keep the dual at this price for a long time


Does it have roll to start and auto shut off?


It does not. These features are slated for future development

Main focus for the Solo has so far been

1 - reliability
2 - AMPS!!! :fire::fire::fire::fire:

The other features are on a bit of a back burner, I am hoping the beta batch will help fund this development


Over 10,000w peak power (⊙_⊙’)

This is awesome - congrats on the release.

Does each single have 2 uart ports? Does that mean I can run 4 uart accessories total?


Each single has 1 UART port. But there is already a built in BT…and there is some cool development going on with the BT that hopefully will be ready by the time Solo units arrive I will share more on this soon

So yeah 2 UART ports total on a dual set up and integrated BLE


Might be easy on a 1WD or a Funwheel, scooter, ebike, etc


Yes, much easier on things that are not skatboars. The first test device was an e-bike :slightly_smiling_face:


Even a skateboard it’s not super difficult if you’re only running one motor :wink:

Testing it with 2WD makes it twice as hard to test

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Congrats on making this happen! I look forward to using these.