sk8tedad's cave of BS no build here

I have an appointment on the phone in 40 minutes, thanks all, probably nothing but…


Bad news it’s space herpes , god dam it @BillGordon



2 things

  1. bill has space herpes and 2) no matter what he says even with the wig an tits on his back it’s still gay when you are on top

Good news, your lime just needs a heavy sustained dose of antibiotics. Dunno about the space herpes though.

Yes, 10 days of doxycycline

I’ll drink one for you then, you probably shouldn’t. don’t breast feed anyone either :wink:

you might have some dreams…i think its normal

I have the most Monty python dreams ever, think the typewriter from naked lunch kinda stuff.
The other night I woke up screaming because I was trying to save the town’s people from the rabid space clown with a crossbar from a coat rack on wheels. Yeah, I got problems

Bear attack, or Rick roll

He looks like a fluffy guy, I would bet he can smell your space herpes and just wants to be your friend

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It’s obvious it’s bill gordon, in his bear form

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Hero award for first post in 9 months being to help someone out, a man after my own heart

No one is going to make fun of how hairy I am? Fine I’ll do it myself “ what is your ( my) nickname? The pelt?)”

It’s Father’s Day, happy Father’s Day to everyone who hung in there and didn’t split and dump your kids when shit got hard.
To celebrate I upgraded my youngest son to a
3500 what hub motor for his recumbent trike, he is enormous, but I might have over done it a bit,it’s a proper death machine. On a side note, any one know how I can stop him from growing ? Bastard is6’9” and 195 lbs, 15 year olds should b smaller ! He is freaky strong too

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cmon man you only get to celebrate one. National Sasquatch Day or Fathers Day. pick


There is the love I was looking for today :heart_eyes:


I’d like to encourage everyone to unapologetically be yourself. It doesn’t matter what strangers you will never meet think about you, likes don’t matter. It’s far more cathartic to be your honest self for better or worse. Set an example for others that it’s ok not to be perfect, no one is. Have the courage to be flawed, it’s ok, we all are. Presenting a perfect image is damaging to others, showing your flaws is courageous and normal. We are all struggling, pretending that it’s not so isn’t healthy. I’m full of shit, ignore me :sunglasses:


nice upgrade there sir! Sooooo, she went to the concert tonight, time to get blitzed and buy up eBay! :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:

Last time I got drunk and shopped on eBay, I woke up the proud owner of an m24 pro🤪, anyone want to buy it? 205 lbs max weight if I’m honest…DOH!!! It climbs anything, is useless on the street and weighs a ton

dude that thing is ridiculous :joy: