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I’m pretty sure you were the death of pschyhotiller, that’s why he kept calling you “pussy” judgement ,I too want to be fucked to death

Dave needed no help torpedoing his business. Weird fucking dude. But he met an end no one deserves.


Sleep is the best advice, but just after that, my advice (61 yo): age gracefully.

The problem is with age the chance of injury rises exponentially and when you get injured, as you well know, that’s when you lose everything. So my goal is simply to not get injured. Whatever that takes. (weird thing to say on an electric skateboard forum, I know)

I’m not saying kick back on the couch, but ratchet it back.


Good advice. My knees still aren’t healed from my double MCL tear last summer. I keep re injuring them in the skatepark or on the mat.

I know how the construction life goes. I used to be a rough carpenter, mostly forming and shoring. 10 to 12 hour work days with 3 hours of commuting doesn’t leave time for much. My pocketbook loved it but my back did not.

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I took my kayak across the bay for the first time in 6 months,Richmond to fisherman’s warf and back. It was wonderful, and ill advised,if I’m honest,I’d have been screwed on the way back if I didn’t pack my spray skirt and my kite sail. I hit the wall a mile from shore. Sucks not being fit anymore,I’ll get it back,just slower.

Thanks to all for patient advice


Looks like ~18 miles roundtrip.

Am going out tomorrow.

Wanna get somewhere farther away, see something new, but no way I’m paddling 18 miles/ 29Km.

Maybe 7.


It’s probably less than that and I’m using the sail when I can. I do it a lot,my kayak and audio books were my salvation when I was unwillingly divorced at 38. I’d paddle off ,not really caring if I made it back. I’m blessed with excellent cardio.

Also,I have a more efficient kayak than you,so it’s not a fair comparison. I used Ty do 3 miles out,then tow both kids3 miles back. When towing your children, you will keep paddling. I’m a stubborn fucker,1 more stroke,repeat.

My giant kid can’t ride a bike,so kayaks were the go to ,we went every Saturday for a decade

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I really want a larger longer paddle, but I could get a set of Backfire Ranger hubs or 50 new cells to power them, for the price of the paddle I think I want.

With Fiona in the rear well, I could likely go farther faster for less energy expelled, but she likes it up front.

I have moments of weakness, when I think of a 24v 400 watt thruster motor on a stick, and a big old waterproof battery and watercooled esc.

But the exercise is the reward.

I wanna start fishing from it, set up some shade, and an anchor.

Sun is pretty brutal nowadays.

Good point also,I have better weather. I have a fancy carbon paddle too. I got stuck under the gg bridge in ye olde potato patch a few times when tide was against me. I waved off the coastguard choppa 2 times in an hour one day. The second time he really looked doubtful,gave him the bird and. Mouthed” I can do this all day”I got a big toothy smile and a salute

Its been hitting 92f here, but only 50-60% humidity, so not as brutal as its going to get .
On the water its better but the sun hits you from every angle.

Ive not yet exhausted my paddleing muscles kayaking yet, it’s everything else that dictates when to stop, and the half way point is often chosen too early.

When Fiona sees a Cormorant after several miles of paddling, and she does not go apeshit, I know she’s done.

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I’m also not hauling my dog,but I wish I could. Old lady is in st croix, fucking dog is depressed,only killing things makes her happy. The huge rat almost on my bed made my inner chick deploy. I’m sleepy,”oh hi!wtf is that! “Fuck lily,get that thing out of here!” To which she doubles down,” dad,it’s a huge rat,it’s awesome,HERE!”


Fiona has killed a few rodents. One rat, when she was on leash, I heard the bones crunch, and she spit it out with disdain at my feet.

Poor rodent twitching and squeaking, Fiona grunting and snorting, tail high, Hound of the Baskervilles impersonation.

I stomped its head with my heel and picked it up with a dog poo bag, as Fiona pounded her chest, warning all the other rodents in the vicinity.

I.wonder how much working dog instincts dictate what she goes apeshit over.

Crows and Ravens and buirds of prey, I get that.

Little white dogs, she so wants to go herd them.

Seagulls receive a 6 to 8 on the Fiona Fury scale.
Pelicans are a standard 8, to 8.5.
We had a deal with West coast Pelicans, but here in Florida, no deal.

Cormorants and ducks are 9 to 11.

Herons and Egrets no less than a 7, but can goas high as 11. I wonder if those are instinctually similar to storks or some other bird which would attack Sheep in the lowlands of Poland…

Fish jumping can have her mildly interested at a 3.5, to jumping off the kayak in hot pursuit at 11, barking and swimming after them.

Dolphin, is about a six, depending on the distance and size. Last week a big one surfaced 10 feet away and she was alert, but silent, apprehensive, but smLl ones at a distance get a good barking at.

The one San Diego we saw a pretty big coyote at night, about 25 feet away and she went absolutely bonkers at the end of the leash. Solid 11, with legs.
She insisted on sniffing everywhere it had been on the block like a hound dog hunting prison escapees. Nose down, tail high, that weird circular snorting as she drug me everywhere.

Dogs are awesome.

I’m gonna go blow a raspberry on her belly.


[quote=“SternWake, post:1310, topic:73729”]
I’m gonna go blow a raspberry on her belly.
[/quote]she will get what she deserves”tummy farts”(what? I secure,I can be goofy)

@BillGordon , if I can find a gimp suit and get it on her you are out!

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It’s the little things that keeps the relationship fresh. Installing a fancy toilet? Well better have a ribbon cutting provision!


You ever ride an euc? Shocks and suspension and a different body angle while keeping speeds and orientation lower for that good good feels with lower (different?) risks. Recovery road is long, glad to see good things filtering through your cave of bs.

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Do any of you have experience with Lyme diseases? I sent a message to my doctor, I’m thinking it will be 4 8 days before I get a response. I got a tick bite yesterday , today I have a circular bruise

If this kills me, keep @BillGordon from having his way with my corpse, please


if you feel symptoms dont delay . that looks intense :frowning:


Nurse gf says you could probably call the nurse triage line at your local hospital for advise, but she also says better safe than sorry in these sort of situations and urgent care wouldn’t be a bad idea.

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