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Done and done. Just put the money on the dresser after.

I. Am too pretty to pay


How’s the healing coming? Last I remember things were heading in the right direction.


It’s going well. My left shoulder is much improved. My right shoulder sounds like it has rocks and cornflakes in the joint. It hurts, I have pretty bad arthritis in it, I’m just going to have to suck it up.
I’m working on rehabilitation, lifting weights and trying to loose this dad body I have now, I’m down to 212 lbs, I want to be 195, and trade these love handles for my 6 pack abs.
At this age it’s all a bit harder.
I’m kayaking again.
Return to work 6/18 holes and ditches won’t dig themselves!

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I’m gutted,just heartbroken :sob:. It’s been a difficult year and I was so looking for to Mike Tyson :fist: Fake Paul out, BUT NO! The universe just couldn’t let me have this one!
If you need me I’ll be drinking cheap vodka in a dark room with a blanket over my hear sobbing quietly. Sigh

You wear a see-through mankini to ONE event…

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I’m not that pretty,no one needs to see that,except the old ladyfor some reason she buys me a thong everryxmass . (Well a few of her friend’s they’d be all about it), it damed sure no one on the forum save Bill,if if I’m wrong,ignorance is bliss. Don’t make me post them,(I’m NOT modeling) not fat as I am right now! Be thankful!

At one time I was into physical hot chicks,now character is more attractive,fuck vain people,it ain’t sexy.,neither am i( side eyes bill)

The older I got, the more funny and smart won out over sheer hotness.

It took me a while to learn that beauty is REALLY skin deep! Intelligence,personality and integrity are truly sexy. As I’ve gotten older I find that these qualities or the lack there of really affect how I see a woman.
I’ve dated models,my kids mom was an Olympic rower. My current girlfriend of 13 years is a bit overweight,really pretty,but an amazing person,far smarter than I am,amazing personality and integrity,and LOYALTY. These things make me see her as the hottest person I’ve ever been with.

Also super sexy women on the outside always have guys trying to get in their pants,it can give them an inflated sense of self. I’m m not interested in being in competition with other guys. I don’t ride any one else’s bike and I don’t want anyone riding mine. Cheating is so low character shit. If someone does it once,they will do it again. My first wife was such a pain to go out to bars with because she got so much attention,really sucked. I’m not jealous in the least but there were a few fights just because guys would say the stupidest shit to her,right in front of me,the most common was “ nice rack,are they real,or can I touch them?!” Fool that I was “down came Maxwells silver hammer” more often than not. No thanks,I hate drama.

As shocking as it sounds,I landed my chick wit an “open letter “ on Craigs list dating area. I write for shit and she was/is a lawyer,I’m still amazed.
In closing I said, “ if you aren’t considered intelligent,by yourself and your peers,please don’t reply,no matter what you look like” apparently,that line was the “hook”


I have not seen the sun rise over an ocean since 1993,it is pretty,I’m already over the humidity. Now I remember why I left Florida and New Orleans,it was 65 degrees and 70% humidity yesterday in California. This morning it’s all the degrees and humidity already.
Can’t wait to see my stepdaughter graduate

Also it’s creepy flat every single place!


That’s Tampa bay, not an ‘ocean’ :wink:

The real heat and humidity have not yet even begun.
They’re still buiding momentum.

A year and a half after leaving coastal San Diego, I’m only starting to acclimate, but my neanderthal like body type was designed to retain heat, not shed it.

Creepy flat is right though.
I guess it’s good for weak ass hub motor builds.

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Yeah you’re correct,I always lived on the Atlantic And dyslexia is a problem

Florida really screws with my sense of direction. Most anyplace else and I can feel where North lay.

Here, I have to look for clues.
My internal compass is especially scrambled in the Orlando area, with all the lakes and big bodies of water 50 miles in either direction

I have the worst sense of direction it’s either from being born 13 feet below sea level Or I was dropped on my head. GPS was such a wonderful gift. My exwife has a fucking compas up her ass some where. We’d go backpacking and be in the mountains,can’t see the sun,she always knew where nort was. That’s ok she still can’t boil water,much less cook.

I just saw a raccoon in a drainage ditch in Tampa with a skateboard deck, I think it was Kai

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Singapore laughs at your puny numbers.


It’s only seems hot because you have the gimp suit on

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My closest to there, was Kuala Lumpur, New years day 1999. But only a 6hr layover, from RSA to Oz.
Didn’t leave the airport.

True, but I have the crotch unzipped for ventilation.

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As long as the mouth zipper padlock doesn’t come off we are good,I have cataracts now,the goggles,they do NOTHING

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