sk8tedad's cave of BS no build here

I am Who Brad dreams of being, a handsome,funny,caring father

@BillGordon found a truck perfect for you. Has speakers on the roof stock.

Or since you are a dirty old man


Another boring day

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Iceland has wonderful food!

Believe it or not @BillGordon you aren’t far off the Brad Pit thing. Except for the hair and shit personally, if I keep a hat on and my mouth shut, I can land the 35 and over ladies like fish in a barrel . But looks are skin deep and I’m done with 10s . They tend to be vapid or attract drama. My first wife was smoking hot, so many fights with drunk dudes trying to pull her.

These will fit all my compensation needs.

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I used to be able to pull an 8 no problem, but a funny 6 or 7 was my happy place.

I said that because I got a bunch of shit because the waitress are flirting, my old lady isn’t too keen on it. The stewardess for Iceland air were smoking hot and too friendly, I didn’t notice but she did

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Amen, I’ll take a brilliant 5.5 any day over a stupid 10. They become more attractive if they are smart and less so if stupid

Tomorrow morning we do an ice cave through a glacier, deep blue ice. There is a good chance she gets lucky I’m thinking :face_with_monocle:


It’s hard being a kept man, I paid for a pizza today,I’m pretty proud of myself. “ Go ahead babe, get the works”. …:sunglasses::kissing_heart:. And extra large?! :exploding_head:Hey now lets not go CRAZY :crazy_face:I’m not made of money :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::rage::smirk:


God damit , Our waitress shows up , and fuck me, she has a black belt in ASS.
Gf looks at me like I did something,in my head I’m screaming ,just like when I ride a motorcycle and see a crash,trying to avoid target fixation,”



Your new avatar makes me think about Psychotiller every time.

Rest easy you crappy battery builder you. The BillGordon is a pussy thread still makes me chuckle. I wish I knew how the “ ref” repair is holding up on that battery. I sold it with full disclosure , stupid purchase that led to better boards. I miss my Leadfoot

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Processing: IMG_6961.jpeg…


British make American tourists look good.

Wankers!!! Let us run everywhere on ice, pissed drunk,at 10 am and CRAMPONS in ICEland? They cost the same as a can of pisswater. “Please stay out of sensitive area, “. Naw fam “this can’t apply to complete twats can it,surely there is a wanker waiver”

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I walked 4 miles in 30 mph winds and 25 degrees F for this picture


It’s supposed to be yoda, for that effort he should have had a light saber and spouted wisdom


Getting down was scratchy!!

Edit, I fell on my ass

The small person in the distance is my Gf, no doubt worried about that dumb ass


I feel bad for the old l, our accommodations aren’t up to her standards ( fine with me) she almost cried when she saw the room, if. Wish I could fix it . Had a suite last night, every room has been swanky. This looks like a private hostel ( again, fine for me) but she is “ affluent “ not rich per se, but had say 1.5 million in the bank when we met, since invested in real estate. So we have different needs ( I dig holes) trying to cheat her up!

Found an awesome hot spring! Fixed it :sunglasses:


So sad , I got excited about this

I suppose people are tired of my pics posting, here a few in my cave

The smirk is for going too slow, you get a frown for speeding and a smile for appropriately driving speed