sk8tedad's cave of BS no build here

Yeah it’s rated at 20 tons I’m working with 16 ton loads, the shields are 20x12 that is a lot of weight and friction. I’m trying not to kill my coworkers

This is covering my sss in a way my concern isn’t being taken seriously

Now I can’t jump off the overpass anymore , people think is suicidal



@Skyart you are doing more for mental health than anything Kaiser ever has. Next 50 minutes no cares can touch me!! Ha haha, thanks!


Ugh , it it’s always a bit sad to trade my warm weather peforated leather for the cold weather aerostich suit. Soon I’ll have 1Kw of heat pads and 9ah of batteries on my body between heating and lights


For the esk8 rider on your Xmas list wind proof suit is the shit,I have the blue one I linked used, so I can not comment on the new black one .


$$$$$2000?? Why? Seriously,is it just rarity? Go faster to catch them all?I have a 1 of 1 blemish of Rob Roskop graffiti, first $2000 takes it .

Yeah, I’ve been seeing unboxing videos popping up on my social media there is a good amount of hype around these things right now but I bet by the end of the year it people will have forgotten about it. The first thing I thought when I saw the pokemon card style mystery decks was “this is going to be wall art for someone who has never touched a board in their life” and it looks like that might be the case :rofl:

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I once had an engineer ask me to use a 1 tonne gantry to pull a cubic metre concrete footing out of the ground… i told him he was dreaming… he told me to just wet the soil around it, it would be fine… pretty happy that covid shut that job down. That engineer was a fucking crackhead

I think I know that engineer

Um, to create suction? And also I’m pretty sure a cy of cement is right at 2000 lbs or whatever it is in “ we have common sense measures “
I’m American, if I learn the metric system or a second language I could be deported

Are any of you carpenters? I’m doing some structural repairs to our cantaliver drieway , even though engineer is in my job title I’m not one. I could use a will person to ask stupid questions, I’ll buy beer

Im a carpenter licenced to give bad advice

Yeah I’m ok but there is a reason we tend to burry my work. If I had a carpentry co I’d call it “ beaver built, if we can’t do it with a chain saw… fuck yeah we can do it with a chain saw!!:metal::fist_right:

I got a long waaayyyy to go and a short time to get there !

I don’t want the driveway in the creek

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ge tired of doubting my rigging

How did that happen?

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Pulling out trench shields They have a lot of surface area there is soil friction as well as weight from the sides. The shackles rated at 40 tons the shield is 16 tons, it’s all I can do to pull the shield out I’m using a 120,000 excavator so I actually have more power than I can use, for example, you can rip the bucket apart with the strength of the machine. If you’re up against rocks it’s a movable, so you have to be careful on modulate the power. The weakest link is the rigging apparently. Thing is I have no way of knowing if I compromised it on a previous lift, obviously we try not to be under them in the air

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“ not here to fuck spiders,” my ass!
Where is Al? @glyphiks you have 90,000 little mouths to feed!!

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Must have been a really rough morning :slight_smile:

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Eh , more like “ Jason, why do you think anyone other than you thinks that is interesting “

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