Sk8 6374 192 KV HFI settings

Does anyone have dialed in HFI settings for sk8n6374 192 KV HFI settings.

I am unable to access my ESC via USB and can’t do the testing needed to get the figures myself.


Are settings for HFI able to be used commonly across motor models like that?

(I have same motor and may also be interested in this info)


From what I understand, they can be a a pretty good representation.


why don’t you run the tests? then you could share with me too haha

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Because I can’t be fucked. :joy: I have no reason to try at this time.
I have a single drive running sensored but at some stage I reckon they’ll die.
If I had the settings it would then be easier to use hfi.

Edit - came off harsh. My board ain’t broke, so I ain’t gonna fix it.

Also have too many other projects which I do need to fix stuff on which are higher up the queue. :+1:


You wouldn’t be fucked., and you would seriously help me out. Basically if you follow this video to the tee, you can dial in the HFI values. You basically play with values and line up the dots the best you can and those will be your HFI values.

I did it before with these motors and they worked flawlessly for me.Didnt take long at all. If only I had saved them.


Well if you decide to do it and help a brother in need, that would be awesome.

You’ll be happy to have the values on hand when the sensors fail, trust me.

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Plenty other dudes to ask bro. Sorry. I have limited esk8 time and two other boards to finish building. 6374 Sk8’s are not that uncommon. I’m sure you can get this infor from someone who already runs one on HFI.

It’s in a finished board. In a sealed enclosure which is waterproofed with butyl tape. It is not a 5 minute job to get to it, and I’d be putting it off even if I did want to do it (for myself). Have other boards to ride and other non esk8 stuff which takes up a lot of my time.

Good luck!

I gotcha. Yeah I’m really hoping someone who runs these on HFI will chime in, although I have my doubts

Maybe there should be an HFI settings wiki on here? If the numbers transfer well between motor models, it might be useful for the community?

If you build it they will come…


Did you by any change tried this? HOW TO SET UP HFI - YouTube

sorry but that vid is a joke if you know anything about HFI

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Its a good start with a values?

That video doesn’t even show how to tune HFI, only blindly using the defaults. I haven’t had a lot of luck with those. They work well for some motors.


Thank you both for pointing that out, now Im a tiny bit smarter again :slight_smile:

USB C is working. But I can’t get data to plot on the experiment page for HfI. When I try to to brake using the button on vesctool or using keypad, I’m not getting any kind of response.

Change the control mode to off and turn on the keyboard and RT icons on the right

where? control type is “off”

i dud jeff’s way of tuning and got it pretty dialed, on different motors tho

I can’t get any plot on the chart to I can’t dial it in