Simple way to add lcd on board without soldering

Want to add an lcd but dont feel like soldering it in.
Was debating on sandwiching the wires in the xt connector of the battery to esc at battery end.

Any other ideas?

Solder it.


Most other methods would just vibrate out. Screw terminals? idk how you’d do that, they vibrate out. Screw caps? nah

…hm ya probably just solder it. Shoving it in the xt is a possible solution but definitely not long term

I cut little chunks of silicon out of a little bit of my main wires and just solder onto the exposed bit, and hot glue + electrical tape around it and that seems to work well.

My solder gun is broken and was to cheap to buy another for 20$ lol.
Thats why im trying to avoid soldering

While you wait to buy another, cut off some of the silicone on the mains, strip the LCD wires enough to wrap a few times around the mains and cover with electrical tape :slight_smile: could work temporarily. And once you get to soldering again, you’ll just have to tin and recover

If you have hot glue you could secure the wires.

Lol ya it will probably flicker though :sweat_smile:

Not if well covered in tape

No offence, but if you cut corners this badly to save $20 you should not be building boards. The lack of commitment to the project will result in wasted components or a bad board.


I’m speaking from experience here

Oh goodness lol :joy:

I personally wouldn’t trust it but if it works it works

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For me, it’s on my led battery. Its tucked in between the connector and the plastic surrounding the connectors. Heatshrinked over each wire and tape for good measure.

My daughter tripped last weekend and landed her hand directly on my iron while I was about to solder them. Result: hospital for bandages and wife confiscated the iron till her hand heals :frowning:


So its in the xt connector but where the red and black wires connect to it. Thats what your saying right

Yes. I wouldnt trust trying to squeeze them in between the Male and female connectors. Vibrations could cause the connectors to slightly disconnect and cause arcs of electricity. Add to that mix wires that shouldn’t be there and you’ve got a plastic burning fire

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Oh goodness that is unfortunate. I am always worried I will accidentally touch myself with the iron or knock it onto myself so I am always super careful where I put it

That is what I was worried about too. Definitely do not recommend.

Would it be safe to tap at this point of the wires

Battery is in that box.
Im repainting everything but was going to try without taking off the board cause, well, ive changed deck 4 times in 2 weeks and tired of seeing the bolts up close lol

No, you wouldn’t want that to be sticking out in the open

It is just asking for something to get caught on it, it would be better to have it well insulated and within the case.