Show me your curves

Alright so we’ve got our glorious boards, but are we really doing the most to get the best performance out of them without a throttle curve?

Who uses a throttle curve? How does it work? What’s the best way to tune it?

Share your throttle curves here for the education and enjoyment of others! I personally don’t use one yet but I’m definitely willing to try some out.


-20 , -20 on mini remote
On vx2 uart I use medium or high

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This is my go to that feels most normal across boards

Linear acceleration makes the most sense to me. I like my brakes to come on weak and get stronger a bit quicker


I actually forgot to change mine when my Unity reset itself. Right now running stock curves but I need more punch so I will probably reset them to 0 for brake and +15 for acceleration.

Does throttle ramping time set a threshold for acceleration to prevent accidental ‘trigger snag’? I’ve crossed it before In settings but never messed with it.

I imagine it as stretching the x axis out the higher you set it. Might help a bit with throttle accidental touches but definitely won’t fix it. I’d look in to dead bands for that.

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This thread didn’t get much love! Came across it while searching for optimal throttle curves for racing.

I’m entering an indoor go-kart track race event this Sunday so wanted to get best pick up off the line as I think passing will be difficult, so figured I’d try hit front early haha.

Running a Hoyt Puck but know very little about best settings as not played around with them. I ride with throttle and brake ramping times set to zero. Have a poly curve. Anything I can change for better pickup?

I’ve got motor amps set as high as I’m comfortable with on a Maker X DV6 at 95amps.


Haha yeah I ended up never even changing them, my friend changed his to be less punchy

You could probably just bump up the first part of the curve a little with a couple percent exponential


I’m not that much of a throttle curve person either, but would love to see some examples of graphs like

Gentle brakes/accel, Punchy brakes/accel, and other combinations for references


I’m a huge throttle curve person, it’s what makes a board a cruiser and a racer in my opinion.

I’ll get my curves posted tomorrow for you guys


Ooh now that sounds interesting :slight_smile:

Do you have different ones for your raceboard and haero?

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Yep! Need to fix my Haero one actually

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The one downside is they’re annoying to change - can’t remember if you can do it on Metr or not

The idea of having to pull off my enclosure and plug into vesc tool after testing it out has led me to leave things on default haha


Very true

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Def post this change. Honestly with 18s, 165kv, the power is insane. I managed to spin my wheels while going 20mph off road yesterday. Might need to adjust throttle curve, idk


What do you mean, this just adds to the fun!! hahaha

My haero is at default and the motors only set to 77 amps and I can spin tires on most gravel/dirt surfaces at most speeds

I barely ever full throttle right now as I’m still new on it. Grass eats up more throttle though


Oh it’s fun when it’s on purpose, but when you lightly accelerate while going 20mph and it spins your wheels unexpectedly, it’s scary :rofl:. Throttle is too sensitive

I have 80amps per channel battery and 120amps per channel motors. Lol


Haha yeah yours is even more powerful than mine fs

My 5.2 ratio and 190kv is a great torque combo though

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you know…
I just leave mine alone.
maybe I should tinker with them some.


I’m the same way. Never touched it, that’s why I need someone to show me theirs :joy: