Show and shine events?

So sometimes I just get lost in thoughts and wonder where this thing is going or indeed where it could go in terms of events and shows and just general fun.

I’m wondering how long it will be before we start seeing some crazy customs never meant for riding much like some of those wonderful cars and bikes we see at all the shows around the world. Trailer and garage queens with highly polished and painted parts. That sort of shit.

Show and shine events alongside the racing etc.

I fully expect our American brethren to be the pioneers of this kind of build too
I certainly know of one or two builders who would do something like this just for the fun of building it. Hint @Sender @mmaner lol

How far do you think a custom build could be taken? What crazy ideas have you had that you know would never be practical but you want to do it anyway
@b264 you’re exempt from this discussion Brian

I have this completely plexiglass build in my head with everything cnc’d from clear materials and all the electronics on show. Spun motor cans etc etc. Be a great way to show the internal workings of a build but really it would just be a fun if somewhat expensive thing to do.



I have thought about this, I’ve had some crazy ideas. One is using a dual per deliver system on a waterproof build to make a combo electric skateboard/paddle board. I think you’d just have a shitty skateboard/paddle board… But I’ve thought about it. It would look epic too :grinning:.

That being said, I water alot if time and money building stuff just to see if it works, most if the time it doesn’t, sometimes it’s awesome. But I’m not sure I have it in me to make pretty boards that ride like shit.


I want to use a vesc and some esk8 motors to build an animatronic girlfriend so that I’m not alone anymore.


Get @DerelictRobot Andrew to do it for you

I’m not sure Ben would approve.


You need some Donkboard wheels with spinner rims



Now that is what I am talking about and it came from you. Thats irony at its best.

Welded chain hangers with chrome plated chain drives. quadruple king pin trucks.


Airbags would be dope…
Titanium blocks under the deck and be able to drop the height while going 30 so I can throw some Sparks


Just the back and lift the front. Low rider styley


That is equally the stupidest thing thing I have ever seen on an esk8 and the thing I want the most.


It was only nine hundred duckets nine years ago, you could probably snag one for an M note now

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It’s one hundred percent safe!!.. sais the guy who just let his 12 yo ride a metroboard “longboard” on fire in a garage without a helmet. Lol


I would have made him wear a helmet.

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LoL that was from 2010 when we didn’t know better.

helmet = always

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