Shooting Esk8 Video: Hardware, Techniques and Softwares

I hope we can use this thread to talk about how you shoot and edit your esk8ing videos.

I’ll start. I recently got a Insta 360 One X camera. It’s basically a 360 camera but the main purpose was to shoot first and then frame later. Traditional cameras needs to be pointed in certain direction that that is pretty hard to do while you are focused on riding the board. With this camera you still need to move around the camera to front or back up or down depending the viewpoint you want but you don’t have to worry about pointing it somewhere.

I haven’t really used any fancy video editing software, but maybe it’s time to get a subscription on adobe premiere. For now I am just using the phone app for everything. It’s pretty limited as well. They only had 5 songs to choose from and had no option of adding your own songs. Anyways, hope you enjoy my first video here.

Make sure to set the resolution to 1080p to get a sense of the camera quality.

I’ve tried RAM mounting a 4K cam to the sprung top deck of a Trampa, shaky AF, even off a gimbal.

Hate helmet cams, chin cams, stick cams. Considering chest cam a lá Police in interim

Waiting for someone clever to integrate $20 of Sony sensor-based pcb with MIPI interface to an existing remote, of course a high-speed SDCard is required, maybe not easy but the electronics are already tiny enough


This is cool. Timely as well, because I’ll be buying something in the near future to film my free dangle oil wrestling matches with @Brenternet.


I don’t think it is that bad.
Here is a video I shot a while ago with my gopro 5 black mounted on my Evo, that I think is perfectly watchable.

A better camera like the gopro 7, which has a lot better image stabilisation, should yield a lot better results, especially mounted on a Trampa which is a lot smoother over rough terrain


I’m using an Olfi 4K, up there with GoPro. I ride on very rough tarmac then sand, suspension uses all its travel pogoing the camera which has stabilization in f/w like the GoPro

The human body is the best stabilization mount


I need to get something soon as well.

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I tried my GoPro 4 black on LaSag’ne with nummies and on smooth road and the video is unwatchable :frowning:


The best option would be DJI Osmo Action with its superior stabilization
Wearable gimbal like Feiyu WG2x 3-axis


Still into heavy and over complicated imo, the gimbal

The DJI is $$$ and needing a harness or stick.

I promise you & from the many esk8 videos made even with cheap cams on selfie sticks; you cannot beat human hand stabilization, therefore it makes sense to integrate 5gm/$20 of cam tech into a remote

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True but having shots from different angles is more enjoyable


Different angles from the same point? A human wrist can achieve most of those angles, maybe not the extreme ones for prolonged time. Just a case of having the sensor mounted in a rotatable bubble, think of the gunner underneath a WWII Lancaster bomber

Regardless we’re amazing :smiley:

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I have found the videos more enjoyable when I can see the human riding the esk8 in the video. For that you need a long selfie stick (like min 4 feet). Basically something like this video below. I think this person must have 5/6 feet selfie stick.

Makes sense! remote with telescopic cam embedded? Best of both worlds?

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This is a must for me. Seeing just the road makes no sense

The middle of the road is a camera further back from the board, showing the rear wheels, half of a person and the road ahead, I tried a 3D printed mount for that but the vibration were too much and it would shift every time, the footage wasn’t that bad but definitely had had jello

In the meanwhile a selfie stick is the best, but I never use since it’s one more thing to carry and pay attention instead of just riding, and with my heavy ass second generation GoPro 20 min holding it and my arms are done


Yeah…i also need to improve here…I used my phone on this one with a long selfie stick…didnt linked that much. I enjoyed watching the 3d camera video sent earlier through.


This would have worked with a go pro type camera because of the wide angle lens. Also one needs to focus on the orientation of the camera. So basically we need a stabilizer or a 360 camera.

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What about a DJI Osmo Mobile 2?

Seems like I should get the extended selfie stick for insta360


Hyperlapse test with Insta 360 One X


there’s this thing for 1/3 the price of the insta:

definitely a gamble, considering it tho :joy::joy: