SHADOWFAX: | Custom 43" Integrated Deck

Hi all! Like many of you my desire for esk8 is insatiable and I crave bigger and better.
The inspiration for this build was my Unity shitting the bed and putting my old board down for maintenance.
Thus, Shadowfax was born. Begin build log!

The concept: An integrated-deck board built for 2 things: reliability and durability.

The deck is going to be completely custom work, comprised of layered sheets of 1/4" birch ply interleaved with 250gsm fiberglass and epoxy. Since bending is a lot of work, I’ll be using either brass or oak pins epoxied into the transition areas of the dropdown to reinforce the plys.


Most of the parts are pilfered from the bones of my last build:

  • Deck: Custom 43" x 10" Integrated Enclosure Dropdown
  • Trucks: Caliber II 50deg
  • Motors: TorqueBoards 6355 190KV
  • Mounts: Boardnamics short 63mm
  • Wheel Pulleys: Exway Riot 36T pulleys
  • Motor Pulleys: TorqueBoards 14T
  • Wheels: 97mm Abec
  • Battery: 12S 8Ah Graphene LiPo
  • ESCs: Freefly Arc200
  • Remote: Benchwheel
  • Antispark: Dual XT90S

Build is currently in progress, but I’ll be adding updates as I progress:

Updates & Progress
April 3rd

Purchased and cut out sheets of baltic birch ply.

I used spray adhesive to stick paper templates to the sheets before cutting them out roughly on the bandsaw. They don’t need to be super precise cause I’ll be sanding everything down to a uniform contour later.

I also stacked the pieces up to get an idea of how the deck is looking.

Next step is to cut out the enclosure section!

Apr 7

Enclosure space is mostly cut out.
Still need to add slots for custom ESC heatsinks, clean up the profiles, etc, but I’m almost ready for glue-up!

Brief process summary: drilled 1" holes with a forstner bit at key points, and cut between them with a jigsaw. The blade was a little dull and tore up the first layer I used it on but after I replaced it everything went fine. You can see in the last photo the drill bits I’m using as alignment pins to ensure consistent alignment during test fits and such.

Bonus sneak peek of the phase connector area… Still need to deepen the slot but you get the idea :stuck_out_tongue:


You should also post the updates as separate posts, otherwise people will miss them!

I look forward to seeing your progress, that’s a cool deck shape!


I’ll post significant stuff as replies for sure!
I think I’m gonna cut out the interior profiles today and maybe dry fit the pins…


Finally :roll_eyes:, a larger deck with long integrated enclosure :smiley: :metal:.

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I have a whole 2nd sheet of birch that I haven’t touched…
If I don’t make mistakes on this deck maybe I’ll build & sell another one?


Over the past few days I managed to get the enclosure space cut out…
I didn’t want to update until I had wire channels cut in but I think I’m gonna wait till after glue up for that.
Pictures will be in the main post (Apr 7).

Next steps: clean up the profiles, and glue up!
I’m on the fence between fiberglassing the whole exterior or leaving the wood grain exposed :confused:

I would fiberglass wrap if you have it


It’s been a while since I updated this log so I figured now is as good a time as any to put out some current events.
Exams have been keeping me pretty bogged down recently so I haven’t had tons of time to work on the build but I did get a chance to sand out a small test patch of the contour of the deck.

The weather’s still too cold to do any epoxy work, so I have to wait a while yet for that…
The aluminum blanks I’m using for my ESC heatsinks have arrived at the shop, I just need to pick them up on Monday and take them to my CNC guy.
I received some Freefly Arc200 ESCs from the lovely @DerelictRobot the other day, and I’m super excited to use them in this build.

I am currently parallelizing the two tasks of waiting for the weather to warm up, and waiting for my heatsinks to be machined. So, that’s where the project stands for a while. Although, with the ESCs in hand, the only part I don’t have that I need to complete the build is the heatsinks, so we’re in good shape to finish before summer starts.

Cheers folks!


So the weather was nice enough to do some of the epoxy work today.

Here’s a few photos of the pieces after glue-up. These will then need to be assembled and glued together to form the deck, which will then be sanded to the final contours and fiberglass wrapped for maximum indestructibility. I’m using west system 105 epoxy with 205 hardener 'cause that’s what was on hand at the time.

In other news, my dad and I are currently discussing building a large cnc router, and making and selling real schnazzy skateboard decks so if there’s interest, it would make his day tomorrow to hear about it!


Greetings, denizens of esk8news
I come bearing news, both good and gooder.

That’s right kids - major deck parts are finished curing. Ready to be assembled into the full deck.i literally did a happy dance after unclamping these babies. Couldn’t be more thrilled.

I also picked up my aluminum heatsink blanks and delivered them to my machinist for CNC.

Bonus: respect the drip, Karen


Looking good
Are the two parts above the deck the tail and nose?
Also what wood did you use?


Will it show us the meaning of haste when it’s done?

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Yeah, the two bits above are the nose and tail. I’ll be glueing them on soon as well as sinking 3/8" aluminum plugs through several holes to reinforce the joints.
The wood I used is Baltic birch, I think there’s about 80 or so total plys in the final deck.

I sure hope so! It’s geared for around 69kph top speed (unintentional I swear).

Ouch that’s a lot, must have been expensive :sweat_smile:


Not too bad actually, I think the 5x5 foot sheets I used were about 45 CAD… ~33 usd I think.

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Hi everyone! Since today was the last day of my first year exams (FUCK YEA) I thought it would be appropriate to celebrate by:

  • smoking a monolithic joint
  • working on my awesome deck
  • eating my favourite snacks
  • posting all about it on my favourite site <3

I’ve completed three of those things as of now…

Super pumped about this, I think it’s lookin’ real shmexy. It’s at like approximately 180 grit rn but who’s counting? Anyway I won’t go on an on about it. Peace!


Really clean!
So how did you fix those nose and tail.?
Is there any metal insert?

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Excellent questions…
The nose n’ tail were epoxied on to the main body and the small silvery circles in some of the pics are 3/8" aluminum rods epoxied in vertically to relieve some strain from the joints.

Ok I see, be carefull, it may be the weak point of the design
WIll you cover all this with fiberglass?
nice job anyway


Ya, all getting glassed soon.