[SERIOUS] Hubs are beginning to slide, any advice on fixing?

My meepo deck broke in February replacement got here today after months because of the God Damn coronavirus. Put it together again same bushings/tightness, everything seemed fine it accelerated perfectly. I slam the brakes because my feet are tired of riding it. It did a full 180 slide that almost wiped me out. For background information, I weigh 175 lbs, the road was dry, trucks were mid/tight, Voltage was normal, amps were also normal, I have around 1000 miles on it, and I bench tested brakes/acceleration before and after both normal results

Any ideas or help would be much appreciated!

The solution is stop buying hub motors that are designed with flaws. They are cheap for a reason and they could care less if they kill you.

Until everyone realizes electric skateboards are extremely dangerous, people will continue to die or get seriously injured in this community.

Unfortunately, most just care about making profits, not safe products.


Did you slide because of the brakes? You slammed the brakes and them motors locked and forced the 180 slide?
IF you have weird behaviour of your (budged) board its often a faulty remote that has been dropped in a crash before. IF the remote ever was envolved in a crash and dropped onto the ground, its recommended to exchange it. Simplest thing, but not that unusual. Happens very very often.


Seems like it worked …? If you slammed the brake the wheel just locked up, and you lost all grip so it caused a slide

yeah, thats what I thought first.
With a bit sand on the ground that could even happen more easily…
BUT AFAIK arent them budget board dual hub motor brakes that brutal, they are always to weak from what i heard very often.
So it is going to be interesting right now :smiley:

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Yo you still around there ? Long time no see !

How are your boards doing ? Got fancy pics of those fat hubs ?


Maybe you slid because you slammed the brakes too hard and lost traction? There’s nothing wrong with the board


Well yeah but it’s easier for brakes to lock up than slow down with grip (that’s why the braking distance is longer with sliding wheels than ABS :wink:)


So is there a way to improve traction?

Well are the hub new ?
Softer urethane, bigger contact patch are the most important but you would need to change hubs
temperature also, if they’re hotter you will have more grip

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ive had theem since october 15th 2019

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Looks like you have the 90mm version? I highly recomend you upgrade them to the 100mm hubs. Much much better ride

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Yes I do I’ll look into that after coronavirus quarantine is up! Thanks​:grin::+1:t5: