Selling my 10S5P 6374 X2 Maytech FocBox Unity Haggy Kit DIY esk8 [SOLD]

Hi Guys,

I am selling my DIY esk8.

Here are the specs

10S5P @Psychotiller Battery Used 250 miles

Special V-Claw braces designed by @akhlut custom painted

Haggy AT Drive Kit with red wheels and 6364 X2 custom Maytech motors with option to change to street wheels (pulleys and belts)

2X extra spare belts

Spare extra hangar

Custom carbon fiber skinned enclosure from @Sender

Subsonic Century 40 stiff drop deck with laser cut hurricane grip tape. Carbon fiber skinned top and bottom with purple sides.

Attached Handle

Tons of shred lights

Range is ~25 miles with 170 lb rider. Weight of complete deck is ~22 lbs.

Asking for $1700 + shipping or pickup from Seattle.


This is a really nice build but I just have one question:

What is going on with the price?

$1700 on facebook
$1700 on here
$1600 on the other forum

How much are you selling it for? :joy:

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Lol I feel like &1600 is too less for my baby. But I’ll accept upto $1700 if someone wishes to give me the extra $100 :wink:

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Why sell it? Thing looks beautiful!
Btw are you using focboxes?

No Its got the FOCBOX Unity in it. I need the dough because I’m getting a Trampa.

Don’t get a Trampa man. Get a Kaly or Lacroix. Just spent all week on them. That’s what you fucking want. And everyone else too.


Already paid for the order yesterday but I might be able to cancel as they are out of stock for Gear Drives.
I actually was interested see what the stock VESCX feels like.

Whoever buys this better give it a new paint job or move to a new state, I fear this board might be on a hit list lol


The Lacroix is not a pure MTB deck and I have yet to see a Kaly setup as an MTB not to mention the fact that they are not for sale as a deck right now.


Go with a Trampa if you want to settle.


I already have a Trampa Tim and I don’t feel I have settled for my intended purpose.
Did you find a mistake in my previous statement?

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No mistake, live your truth!!


definitely don’t live in Seattle if you buy this. Some “mother” with her child might try to take it from you


That’s what you meant?

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Trampa is a great choice, I have a Holypro, you can tune it with different set ups, easy way…For example if you choose to use Lipo (I do), and want to go lighter, just change the battery set up (instead of 4 6s Lipos, take 2 in series, you are 2kg down); then go jumping. I love the fact that the boards are indestructible, and the company stand by their customers like no other company in the market. Straps are a must for me, dirt or street…Right now I am waiting for my Street Carver, goin to build an amazing hybrid…Just choose what you want and think is more suitable for your needs, I have nothing against Lacroix, they just don’t work for my needs.


Man,wasn’t this board stolen?! Didn’t know you got it back!? How did you get it back?

Either way it’s a nice board :slight_smile:


I was exactly going to ask that. I was surprised no one else asked about it.

So what’s the story? Has it been posted on the other forum?

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Yes, he said on the other forum that he got it back, without help from the police, and that’s all he can tell us. :wink:

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Agreed. I wish one of the kaly or Lacroix decks in Colorado had bindings on it. People kept saying “you don’t need bindings with the pedals on a Kaly deck”.

False. If you are mountainboarding and hitting jumps, you need bindings.

If I was looking for a street cruiser, I’d go the kaly/Lacroix route. They both had a great feel for blasting around roads.


Couldn’t agree more.
Street cruiser: Kaly, Lacroix
MTB: Trampa, MBS, Colab + bindings