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selling motor and focbox

EU motor and focbox

anyone need barely used motor and focbox?
Shipping to EU nations preferable.

Eskating PRO motors 6374 190Kv (Water Resistant, Sealed and Sensored) and mount
100 eur

FOCBOX based upon the VESC®
130 eur

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which version?


no, which version of focbox is that?

u can find the version number if u open the focbox case and usually its under the QC sticker, it is printed on the pcb

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V 1.7


In case buyer is wondering, this looks like a custom batch of “Maytech sealed 6374” for your search needs

While all BLDC motors are waterproof to some extent (will accelerate bearing wear), the sensor assemblies inside are typically not unless they have been reworked.

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Is your FOCBOX still for sale? I live in the EU.

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