Selling custom LaCroix - VESC6Plus/8072S/11s6p

Based in Berlin, but can she anywhere.


  • LaCroix Prototipo Deck and battery enclosure
  • Trampa Ultimate trucks (titanium axle)
  • Superstar wheels, Urban treads
  • APS 8072S 6KW
  • 11S6P Samsung 30Q
  • VESC6 Plus
  • DieBieMS
  • MeanWell 300W charger
  • BLE module

Asking for around €1.5k + postage.

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If you part the thing out, dibs on the motor

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People have already said this on the other forum, but this is such a good deal! VESC 6 Plus, etc, etc. Another couple of hundred and this board would a dual drive beast! Best of luck.



If you part out, dibs on the deck and enclosure.

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