[SELL] [US] Parts for SALE (Barely Used)

Since I am not riding my esk8 as often, I decided to get rid of it.These parts need to go.

2 x Maytech 6374 190kV Motors - $160

4 x Bergmeister Tires - $150

1 x Flipsky Dual FSESC6.6 Based upon VESC6 with Aluminum Heatsink - $230

1 x Haggy Board Kahua Truck Drivetrain w/Bergmeister adapter - $250
You are getting everything on this photo.

2 x 12S2p Battery built my Miamiboard w/ BMS (Samsung 30Q) - $200
Bought around late 2019. BMS max discharge rate is 50A.

1x Hummie Deck w/Enclosure - $150

1x 3D printed Remote - $30

2 x Old gen Shredlights - $20

1 x 12S 3A Charger - $40


something like 200 with extra tubes or something on black friday if I remember correctly. They are not available right now and we don’t know when they will be again.

170 for bergs and charger? It is for hubs and tires I assume, just didn’t want to get caught with the title

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Adjustable baseplates are included. All you need is motors and bergmeister wheels.

It is for hubs and tires. I can do 180.

Would shipping the hummie deck to Canada be insanely pricey?

Moestooge trucks are a fucking DREAM. That being said, timo makes a quality product. Even though i havent tried kahua’s, they are pretty much unobtainium with haggyboards MIA…


I’m good I probably shouldn’t be buying anything right now. Thanks though!

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I am no sure. Can’t be too bad. Where do you live?

I’ll pm you!

I’ll take the bergs

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pm sent

You interested in all the berg hardware? I’m literally just after the Kahua Trucks and mounts.

@X09 whos adjustable baseplates are they? Unless it’s just a bad picture the baseplates on the Kahuas look stock. I think I’d definitely take around that price if good adjustable baseplates are included

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Oh I am sorry. I misread your comment. No adjustable baseplate :frowning:

They’re fantastic. I LOVE them so much.

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ESC working just fine? No issues with it?

yes, no problem

@AviatorEsk8er :thinking:

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Dibs if no one claimed it



I’ll take the motors if @Jburchett09 doesnt want :call_me_hand:

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