sell some items(some new,some uesed)

Hi guys. have been a while since my last here. during this pandemic, shipping fees become very high, and tax raised too, net shop become difficult, not good to support me and my family’s living. so I am working on other affair as well. leave not much time for the forum. hope all the world will resume good soon.

here’s some items I want to selling. all are not included shipping and tax. please PM me for shippings cost. because shipping cost variety from place to place. will send from china, shipping kind of expensive for heavy items.

item NO.1
Flipsky VX1 2.4G remote new, package not open. (43us)

item NO.2 (sold)
80mm kegel wheel set of 4 New,never used(at lease on the board), I was bought these wheel to test pulleys, now I don’t need this. have slight dirt on the hub on two of them. (40us)

item NO.3 (sold)
Precise truck set of 2. used. 7 inch, 8mm axles. (63us)

item NO.4
5.5 inch airless wheel with 60T pulley X2 never used, wheel diameter 145mm, 39mm thick, aluminum hub. have some slight dire on one of the wheel’s rim, very little dirt on another’s tyre. 2 pulleys have differ bore, but both are for 8mm shaft. (48us)

Item NO.5
wired bushless motor controller. new. this one can controller motor speed with knob. support 6S-10S input. I was plan to make a turning machine with this, but the circumstances are those machine parts very expensive, can’t afford lately, give up for the time being… 28us

item NO.6
97mm wheels setup never used. with long mounts, mount to mount 154mm, 40T pulleys, those wheels were new, I was placed them on shelves for long time, appeard old, but condition are as new. (63us)

item NO.7 (sold)
Flipsky FSESC 4.12 single New, package not open. (71us)

item NO.8
single controller with remote. new , I have a lot of this. have 6S,7S,10S belt motor version,support 50XX, 63XX bushless motors. or 10S hub motor version. (32us)

item NO.9
dual controller with remote. new , I have a lot of this. have 6S,7S,10S belt motor version, support 50XX, 63XX bushless motors. or 6S,7S,10S hub motor version. (51us)

advertise this product by the way.


Hey there,
Could you please send me an estimate for item No. 3 to Berlin, germany?

Do you have any motor mounts for the precision trucks? (Number 3)

Sorry, I done have motor mounts for item NO.3.

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What is the approximate inside distance between the motor mounts for No. 6?

Looking to clarify what motor would fit.

can you do 10$ for the vx1?

Hi. mount to mount (inner is 154mm)

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10$, you mean shipping, to where?

freeshippin always bro

10$ for the VX1, and free shipping. Sorry, can’t.


Sold or not? Vx1

Hi. Vx1 still available.